Things You Should Know Before Jumping at Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta

Looking for an indoor playground in Jakarta to go on weekend with your family? Last week we headed to Amped Trampoline Park, which is located in Kelapa Gading area, Jakarta. It's our first time going to a trampoline park. So happy that Jakarta now has an indoor trampoline park:)

After a one hour session of bouncing and jumping, I would say that this is definitely a must visit place! The area is so huge, and they have a rule that there must only be one person in each trampoline. So it's very save to jump on the trampoline of Amped. Not too mention that you will find Amped's crew in all area. 

They not only guard the visitors, but also teach you how to jump in the trampoline and roll into the foam pit.

Amped's crews at the High Jump Area

If it's your first time visiting Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta, I will share with you things you should know before visiting this place. 

1. Plan and Book in Advance

Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta was opened in September 2015, since then the place is always busy especially on weekend. The jumping session is on hourly basis, and they have capacity limits for each session.

Don't wanna be disappointed because you miss the slot? Book in advance! You will be guarantee the jumping session according to your plan, and will not waste time to wait the available session at Amped Trampoline.

Click this link to proceed with the booking.

The Free Jump Area. Because of their capacity limits for each session, 
you will have ample space for your jump!

You are advised to come at least 15 minutes before your chosen jump session to check-in and avoid the loss of jump time.

2. Monday is The Discount Day!

Don't you love discounts? Well... I do, especially with 2 kids in tow, discounts means a lot:D

Amped has special price every Monday, for only IDR 80,000/person/hour. On the other working day, the ticket is IDR 100,00/person/hour. While on weekend it cost you IDR 125,000/person/hour. Every purchase of a ticket is including a 300ml mineral water.

Expensive? Wait until you see how your kids love the jumping session. It is so worth it!

The ticket counter
You can also use this, the jump voucher :)

All ages are welcome, kids up to 3 years old should have parent with them on the trampoline for the safety purposes. While kids 3-11 years old should have parents waiting for them on the premises.
Parents could wait at the Terminal area

3. The Grip Socks is Mandatory

Do you need to bring socks and shoes to Amped Trampoline? Only if you have a what so called "grip socks". Otherwise it can be purchased at the ticketing counter for IDR20,000. 

You will be requested to place your foot in the measurement chart. Our Kiddos used the S and M size. 

The grip socks we got from Amped

As long as the socks are still in good condition, you may bring and use the pre-purchased socks for your next visit to Amped.

Amped provides locker to put your belongings, or there's also a shoe rack to put your shoes and sandals while enjoying your jumping session.

The locker at Amped

4. Bring Your ID to Fill In The Waiver/ Disclaimer

Prior to purchasing your ticket, you will be required to fill in your data through a laptop, and also to read the waiver/disclaimer. The waiver is a participant agreement which includes clauses regarding indemnification, risks and release of liability. Read the waiver here.

Fill in your data first before paying the ticket

You can fill in on behalf of your children, but if you are also playing, then everyone should fill in the waiver.

5. What To Expect at Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta?

There are many variety of Trampoline at Amped! The first thing you will see on your left is this balancing rope. Kiddos tried to cross the area by walking on the rope. But they failed:D

Trying to balance

The warming up session could be done in many of the trampolines (we did our warming up at the Free Jump Area). Or if you are waiting at the "Terminal" area, you can ask your children to play at the closest trampoline to the waiting area. Then you will have the opportunity to take picture and video of your children on the trampoline.

But take my advice, it's really fun to play with your children at the trampoline area. Why don't you join the jumping session?:D

The closest trampoline to the Terminal area

Our Kiddos' favourite trampoline area is this gymnastic trampoline, because it could make them jump higher!

The Gymnastic Trampoline Area

And don't forget to try the "Foam Pit" as you can jump and even roll into the foam.

The Foam Pit Area

How it feels to play basketball on a trampoline? You should try the basketball area, where you have to stay focus throwing your ball to the basket, while jumping.

The Basketball Area

Last but not least, don't forget to play at the Dodge Ball Field. There will be two teams, where they will throw the ball to the opponents' body. If the ball hits your body, you have to walkout from the field. The last person who succeed staying in the field will be the winner.

Super fun at the Dodge Ball Field 

6. Food, Drink and Ice Cream

After your jumping session, you can enjoy light sandwich, snacks and cold drink at Yo Panino

By the way what's the rule of taking your own food and drink to Amped? You are allowed to bring your own drink, but only water. Other than that, food and drink from outside are not allowed.

Yo Panino counter, next to the locker room
Comfortable cafe at Amped

To end or session that day, our Kiddos had Turkish ice cream. You can have it at Amped, for IDR 35,000/ cone.

Aaah..look at those ice cream!

7. Bring Towel and Additional Clothes

Trust me, you will need towel because you will get very wet at the end of the jumping session. And of course change your wet t-shirts and pants before leaving Amped.

One more thing, don't forget to take picture at the photo booth.

Yeay "WE JUST JUMPED" at Amped Trampoline Park!


For a hilarious weekend family time, head to Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta. You will get not only an unforgettable experience but also a healthy body. 

See our video at Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta which had been uploaded in our instagram @tesyasblog.

We were invited by Amped Trampoline Park Jakarta, but in no way impact our review of this place. The review is ours and written based on our awesome experience at Amped Indonesia.   

written on April 19, 2016 by @tesyasblog

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  1. ya ampuuun untung akhirnya ada yg nulis ini ^o^... aku selalu lewatin ini tempat kalo mw ke HSBC klp gading mbak.. udh penasaran sih, tapi masih raguuu trs mw dtg... ternyata bgs bgt yaaa.. Fylly mah doyan bgt main beginian.. :D. tempatnya juga ingetin aku ama asia next top model yg baru2 ini ;p.. mrk main di trampoline park juga pas foto session :D

    1. Hai Fanny, iya emang bagus banget, anak-anak suka deh disini. AC nya adem, jadi loncat2 nya pun nyaman.

      Ohya, aku ga nonton Asia Next Top Model hahaha...

  2. eh ya ampun mayan mehita ya bok ternyata, haduuuw kalo ponakans gw 3 bijik ke Jkt mw gw ajak kesini bangkrut jg uwaknya nih :p

    1. Hahaha, tapi ayo cobain deh, pasti ponakan makin sayang ama uwaknya :)

  3. Sering liat fail video di yutub, n byk bule cedera gegara trampoline ini, di situ kadang saya jadi merasa takut...

    1. Dicobain dulu Kakak, menurutku sih safe. Ya tapi juga jangan gaya gaya macam pro gitu tapinya hehehe..

  4. tempat beginian cocok banget buat nyari keringat. hampir sama ama angry bird park di johor

    1. Wah, saya belum ke Angry Bird Park nih Mas..