The Rinra Makassar Hotel Review

The Rinra Makassar, I have never heard about this hotel until my friend from Makassar's office, Pak Rissyo introduced it to me. I checked its website and was stunned by the pool of The Rinra Makassar. As a matter of fact, pool doesn't really get along with the tight schedule.

We arrived late, and got the chance to see the swimming pool of The Rinra Makassar on the next day. Cameras were not allowed at the pool, so my GoPro was used instead, and the security guy didn't stop me from using it. And the below picture was just epic, because both of my friends, Ibu Rita and Lucia's shirts were the same with the pillows!:D

What a coincidence!

Before booking the room, a friend of mine who live in Makassar, Mba Ismi Azis, shared the room condition. According to Mba Ismi, the finishing touch was way below standard for a 5 star hotel. But we decided to book the room at The Rinra Makassar.

Check-in process took like forever! We arrived at 5.30 pm and everyone else also arrived at the same hour. Unfortunately, one of our room was not ready. Once it was ready, we were too late to go to the pool (:

The room looks nice, but yes it doesn't have enough of luxury touch. It was just too standard for a 5 star hotel, but I love the bed. It was so comfortable.

The room was just too plain
I got a welcome note on the tv screen, yeay!

The hallway going to the room was nice with a beautiful carpet. Maybe if the room has the carpet as well, it will look somehow more chic.

The carpet fits well with the wallpaper and the wood

The next morning, we went down stair to the breakfast and pool area. First thing first, let's see the pool area of The Rinra Makassar.

Mba Ismi told me that if we are not staying at The Rinra, we have to pay IDR 350,000 per adult to swim here. Hmm, I don't thing it is really worth it. The pool is stunning, but paying that amount? Oh, wait...

The towel counter as well as the checking area
My first sight of the pool 
The outdoor chairs, but the access to the breakfast room was locked,
so no one sit here while having breakfast

We didn't have enough time for our breakfast, as we had to leave early to go to Rammang-Rammang Village. But we managed to pick yogurt and fruits before leaving the hotel. So I will not comment about the food, but I must say that I love the design of the restaurant.

Upon checking-out, we got a souvenir from The Rinra Makassar, which was really surprising as I have never received anything from other hotel upon checking out. I got a small box full of cookies, and they were really delicious!

My souvenirs from The Rinra

Shopping mall and a ballroom are on progress to be build around Rinra. For the time being, The Rinra was a bit isolated. It is not that far from the Losari beach though, but you still need to drive to get there. Who knows I can go back and stay at The Rinra Makassar when the shopping mall is already open next year.

written on October 24, 2016
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  1. kece abisss pool-nya!!!

    Adis takdos
    travel comedy blogger

    1. Iya Kak Adis, dan aku ga sempat berenang disana (:

  2. Sofa melingkar di kolam nya kayak rimba jimbaran hehehe

    1. Yah aku belum pernah nginep di Jimbaran (:

  3. terima kasih kunjungannya di blog saya mbak, salam kenal mbak. btw mbak domisili mana?? :)

  4. kok kereeen sih hotelnya, aduh sayangnya gw ga begitu suka jalan2 ke makasar..kurang cucok sama makanannyaa, paling kalo kesana bisnis trip atau transit doang

    1. Iya keren ya Vari poolnya..
      Lah bukannya makanan Makassar enak-enak? Aku juga belum pernah sih liburan di Makassar, beberapa kali kunjungan business trip juga.

  5. Waaaah....baru liat blognya hihihihi. Mall nya uda bs di kunjungin. Tetep gak sreg ama kamarnya. Anak anak jadinya main di tempat tidur mba. Dingin di lantai.... Datang lg yaaaaah

    1. Iya Mba Isma, pengin banget segera balik lagi ke Makassar. Aku penasaran dengan Kopi Ujung hehehe..