Luz Hostel Bangkok Review

This was the first time ever I stayed at a hostel in Bangkok. The previous hotels I stayed in Bangkok were considered affordable, so why bother choosing a hostel which comes with a shared bathroom?

So when I was arranging another Mommies Day Out trip to Bangkok, I tried to search a decent hotel in a great location via my favourite hotel engine booking, as you may know: booking dot com. 

Somehow, Luz Hostel Bangkok came across the list, and I fell in love with the bed and the common area! Luz Hostel Bangkok from the google street view, located on a quite big road, so our rented van will be able to reach the hostel. Just perfect! (Oh well, yess I saw the street view on google map prior to booking any hostels:p).

I made the booking direct to Luz Hostel Bangkok website and was offered the group promo. We could have the 12 dorms only for ourselves with a promo rate :)

The reception of Luz Hostel Bangkok

The Location

Luz Hostel Bangkok is located in Sukhumvit area with a walking distance to Phloen Chit BTS station. It is also located near the Bumrungrad International Hospital, just in case you get lost and need to tell your taxi driver the nearest well known place around Luz Hostel Bangkok.

It is located off beaten the main road, but even a van could go into the small lane heading to Luz Hostel.

Luz Hostel Bangkok is located at the end of this lane
Welcome to our home in Bangkok :)

Just walk to the big road and turn right heading to the hospital, you will find a seven eleven. 

The nearest Sevel from Luz Hostel Bangkok

There are many halal food around as Luz Hostel is located near the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Please be informed that the breakfast served in Luz Hostel Bangkok is not halal, so you have many choice to get the halal breakfast.

Halal food for breakfast. Picture was taken by Rona and Alisa

The Lobby  

The lobby of Luz is so lovely, with a big table in the center and a replica of a dino! Once you enter the lobby, you will feel that you are home. And you will ask no further why the rating is 9 out of 10 at booking dot com website. This place is really a gem!

Tourism brochures for travellers are provided 
Maybe next time I should rent on of those lovely bicycles:)

Free drink at the lobby
One PC is available at the lobby

I took a label of "tesyasblog was here" printed by my friends on my birthday. And now the label is among the post-it on the wall of Luz Hostel Bangkok. I hope they will keep it:D  

Picture was taken by Rona Willis
Yeay tesyasblog was here:D

The Common Area

On the second floor, the lovely common area which I saw many times on instagram welcomes us. I sat on the famous nest of course, and it was really comfortable that I could fall a sleep:p

From where I sit
My models: Nadey and Nova on the hanging bed

We didn't have the chance to watch the tv or movie, you know, one night is not enough at Luz Hostel Bangkok.

The kitche

The Dorm

Another awesome area is of course the dorm. The twelve bedded dorms is so clean and lovely. The bed was also comfortable.

Dear mr.husband, please make this kind of room for our Kiddos hahaha.. Yes this is that kind of bunk bed I would like to have in our house.

A sofa in front of our dorm #4 
Aah those Naraya yellow bags! 
Iin and Rona occupied all those four beds:D

It is a recommended hostel in Bangkok, and it was very cheap! The 10 of us only paid IDR 152,000 per person per night. And the price could go even lower if there were 12 of us, as we had a 12 bedded dorm for our group.

I hope to be back to Bangkok soon and stay at this awesome Luz Hostel Bangok once more.

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written on November 19, 2016

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  1. Mba Tesya, mau ikutan mommies day out piye carane?? Seru banget ihh!!!

    1. Bisa banget, kita mau ke Jepang bulan Maret or April 2018, masih lama yah hahaha.. Ayo daftar, ibu2 mah nabung dulu :)

    2. Mau ikut daftarnya gimana? Hehehe..

    3. Silahkan email Mbak, ke
      Mau ikutan trip kami yang ke Jepang? Tahun 2018 sih, kita nabung dulu dari sekarang hehe..

  2. Aaah...another thing we have in common mba Tesya..aku juga ngeliatin street view tiap tempat hahahaha..

    1. Hahaha iya biar enggak ngeri ngeri sedap di tempat baru ya..

  3. Hostel nya cakep banget, btw itu halal food nya somay lagi ??? hahaha
    Liat buah2an di bangkok ini mengairahkan yaaaa

    1. Hahaha iya, temen gw hobby banget siomay:D

  4. kalo rame2 gini ama temen sih aku ga keberatan jg nginep di hostel dorm begini :D.. tp temen2ku ga bnyk yg suka traveling mbak.. asyik bgt sih temen2mu pd gampang diajak jalan gini yaaa...

    itu common roomnya suka, bnyk beanbag nya.. aku udh nyari2 mau beli bean bag warna warni utk ditaro diruang keluarga :D

    1. Waktu ke Lombok kemarin ini, liat banyak banget yang jual Bean Bag Fan dan lucu-lucu. Cuman beli luarnya aja kali ya, tar isinya beli di Jakarta hehe.

      Iya Fan seru kalau ke Bangkok rame-rame sama Ibu2 gini:D

  5. Thanks for sharing, i enjoy reading it!

  6. mbaak, aku mau share ini di fan page tapi gak nemu feature share nya :(

    1. Hai, maaf aku belum pasang feature sharenya.
      Tapi bisa share dari FB Fanpage kami: Tesyasblog. Aku udah post mengenai tulisan ini di FB Fanpage tesyasblog. Terimakasih ya sebelumnya.