Cafe Hopping at Dago Giri Bandung: Lawang Wangi and Warung Salse

It was one special weekend for me, as I could explore Bandung with my friends. That weekend I act as if I was one of the Jakarta's weekender who spend their Saturday and Sunday in Bandung. Only as if..

"Let's go to Lawang Wangi for lunch" Bobby, who was our tour leader during the weekend, mention one place I have never been before. I have heard about it many times though, so I said ok and everyone else answered the same.  

We had just finished our brunch at Hummingbird, we shared our food knowing that there will be 5 stops on that day for brunch, lunch, dinner and snacking. Bobby drove all the way to Dago, and turn left to Jalan Dago Giri. We had to pass bumpy and steep road, before finally reaching Lawang Wangi Creative Space

Why is it called "Creative Space"? Because apart from the restaurant, it also perform arts exhibition. 

The famous photo spot at Lawang Wangi, overlooking Bandung

"We change our exhibition every week, so you should come here every week" a lady, I assumed to be the owner or the caretaker of the exhibition, explained about the art gallery to us.

And the exhibition is the first thing we saw when we entering Lawang Wangi. The restaurant is located on the second floor. 

Two guests were taking picture at the gallery
The art on fabric
The world map

There's also a shop selling clothes, bags, hats and jewelry next to the art gallery. The clothes are mostly batik, and the bags are very artistry and cute I might say.

Cute shop inside Lawang Wangi

After enjoying the "Creative Space" we moved upstairs to the restaurant, and the view was just so breathtaking.

The outdoor tables were occupied, so we choose the sofa. Actually the indoor area was also lovely. Family with kids could sit on the second floor with hot air balloon paintings on the wall.

We had steaks and nachos, shared among the 6 of us. The food price is average, well cheap compared to the food price in Jakarta, I guess. And to my surprise the food were nice. I thought Lawang Wangi is famous for the place and not the food, but the food were also recommended.

The colorful part of the restaurant
Our group
Our lunch at Lawang Wangi
My cappucino came in this big cup

After our lunch at Lawang Wangi, we decided to walk to its sister cafe called "Warung Salse". I remembered the lady whom I met at Lawang Wangi said, "We have some other arts at Warung Salse, it is only 200 meters away from Lawang Wangi".

So we walked there, and found another lovely cafe, which is very colorful. "Salse" in Sundanese Language means "relax" so this cafe is meant to be your relax place.

Welcome to Warung Salse
The colorful indoor area

When we walked to the outside area, we know why this place is called Warung Salse. It is the "relax" atmosphere that Warung Salse is special about. All the greenery made me feel taking a nap in the garden:D

We also checked their meeting room, and how I wish to have a meeting in the middle of this peacefullness.

All the greenery
The meeting room

Can you spot a jacuzzi down there?

Mural is the art that dominated Warung Salse. From the stairs, and down to the Villatel or hotel at Warung Salse, all were colored by mural paintings.

There are 20 rooms at the Villatel of Warung Salse. Per night the room cost around IDR 800,000. There is only a jacuzzi and no pool for the guests staying at Villatel.

The mural on the stairs
The Villatel is located down under, or you can directly park your car here
The Villatel
The Jacuzzi

I love the open space area in front of Villatel. I think the place is used to perform art in an outdoor. Meanwhile, we use it to take pictures.

Ended up we didn't order anything at Warung Salse, after checking out the place and take as many pictures as we can, we walked back to Lawang Wangi.

The cloudy and cold Bandung accompanied our walk back to Lawang Wangi. These two cafes which are located close to each other are worth a visit.

Jalan Dago Giri Bandung
Phone: 022-2504065

Warung Salse
Jalan Dago Giri Bandung
Phone: 08112131900
Opening hours: 09.00 am - 11.00 pm

written on December 19, 2016
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  1. Keceeeeehh ❤ -rona-

    1. Iya Ronaaa..makanya mampir nanti ya pas ke Bandung :)

  2. mbaaa itu kenapa keren2 banget tempatnyaaa :D... hiks, aku kalo ke bandung kok ya ga prnh nemu tempat begini :(.. yg lawang wangi aku mungkin bisa kalap kalo liat tas2nya :D... tp outdoornya juara yaa.. pemandangannya cakep bingiit

    1. Iya Fanny, cakep deh pemandangannya. Aku suka banget liat yang ijo-ijo kaya gini :)