Ibis Styles Bogor: A Family Friendly Hotel in Bogor

Bogor is our second hometown after Bandung. We often go to Bogor everytime we miss Bandung. Many times we do a daytrip to Bogor, but sometimes we also stay over night.

When I was searching for a hotel in Bogor for our weekend getaway, I stumbled at Ibis Styles Bogor. I remember staying at Novotel Bogor before for our office meeting, but I have never heard that there is a newly opened Ibis Styles Bogor.

I checked the location of Ibis Styles bogor, and it was perfect. It is away from hustle and bustle of the city, and surrounded by greenery. The hotel is set in a quiet location, where you can have your morning walk or cycling time with your family.

But not only the surrounding that surprised me, the hotel is meant to be a very family friendly hotel, with so many facilities for the kids. 

All these trees in front of 
Ibis Styles Bogor welcomed us :)

The Kids Friendly Lobby 

Let's start with the lobby, because it was our Kiddos fave spot at the hotel. The lobby is simple, but it has a Kids Corner which provides PlayStation and also iMac.

After checking in, our Kiddos request to spend sometime at the Kids Corner. They saw the Kids Corner when our car was heading to the lobby from the entrance. Well, the Kids Corner is way too eye catching for the kids, I guess:D

We stayed at the Kids Corner for hours:D Ibis Styles Bogor had stolen our Kiddos' heart from the very beginning:)

The kids corner
Playing on iMac to wait Kiddos' turn to use the PlayStation

The Family Room

We stayed at the family room and we love it so much! It was very spacious and has a separate room for the kids. The room has one king bed and two twin beds for the kids. And look at the backdrop, aaaah so lovely! 

The bed in the main bedroom
The view from the main bedroom to the kids room
I told you, the family room is huge:)

But still our Kiddos choose to play Hot Wheels on the king bed before going to sleep:D

Hot wheels on bed (instead of breakfast on bed hahaha..)

One thing I really want to have from the room was the chair. Never seen anything like this before, and I wonder where I can buy a chair like this.

Isn't the chair lovely?

The toilet is separated from the shower, and it has a rain shower head. Soap, shampoo and toothbrush were provided. And also 4 towels and 4 bottles of mineral water.

The bathroom

Make sure you choose The Family Room when you make the reservation. Ibis Styles Bogor also have "a half board package" with the inclusion of breakfast and dinner.

And you know what, when you book a room with breakfast, the breakfast is valid for 2 adults and 2 children below 16 years. I told you, it is a very family friendly hotel.

For your reference, this is the price of the family room of Ibis Styles Bogor. Which of course the price might change especially when you are staying on peak period.

The price may vary depending the dates you choose

The Colorful Breakfast at Streats Restaurant

The next morning we went to the lobby area once again to have our breakfast. And the design of the restaurant was stunning, with so many colors from the wall to the glasses and plates. 

Choose whichever color you would like to have for your coffee or tea mugs, and also for your plate. All the colors really give a weekend vibe for the guests of Ibis Styles Bogor.

Restaurant with a lovely design
Look at those plates and mugs!
(Picture is taken from Ibis Styles Bogor website)
And also colorful chairs..
(Picture is taken from Ibis Styles Bogor website)

The Swimming Pool

Of course our Kiddos was so excited with the swimming pool which is seen from the restaurant. They only had cereal and went directly to the pool.

Well, the pool is not that big, but our Kiddos love it because the depth is suitable for them, as they could stand on the pool.

(Picture is taken from Ibis Styles Bogor website)

Room Package Promotion: Feel Welcome Ramadhan

If you would love to stay at Ibis Styles Bogor, they are having a special promotion during the festive month of Ramadhan.

The room package is IDR 495.000 nett and included sahur or breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids under 16 years.

Ibis Styles Bogor also offer breakfasting package with different menu everyday. If you order before 24 May, you even could get their special price :)

Before leaving Ibis Styles Bogor, do not forget to take picture on one of its most instgramable spot:D

Thank you Ibis Styles Bogor for your hospitality! It was a very nice 2 nights stay at Ibis Styles Bogor, and we are considering taking the Ramadhan package soon. 

Website: Ibis Styles Bogor Raya
Golf Estate Bogor Raya, West Java
Phone: (+62)25/18271666
General informations:

written on May 22, 2017
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  1. Replies
    1. Iya Mbak Fitri, alternatif untuk weekend di Bogor :)

  2. Lg nyari hotel di Bogor buat next week eh ketemu tulisan ini.. Kok aku baru baca skrg ya? Ahahaha Enak bgt ya mba Tesya.. Itu ada PS ntr Yayanya anak2 yg bakal maen keknya.. :D Sukaaa colorful-nya.. :D

    1. Iya Dita, enak disini soalnya pemandangan ijo semua :)
      Hahaha bakal sama ini mah ama anak2ku lama di lobi:D

  3. Mba Tesya, kursi kayak gitu ada di Informa Mba..

    1. Hahahha aku nyari donk Mba ke Informa dan beneran ketemu, cuman warnanya kurang oke (: Makasih infonya ya..

  4. Mba, itu family room bednya ada 3 ya berarti? Kalau makanan bisa pesen dr gojek kah?

    1. Iya Mba, ada 2 queen ama 1 large bed. Bisa kok pake gojek, aku gojek beberapa kali juga hehe..

  5. Hi Mba, salam kenal, trmksh utk info Ibis Style Bogornya, kebetulan next week Sy ada rencana mau nginap disana, menurut Mba apakah Family Room suitable utk 2 dewasa dan 3 anak (8,6 dan 2thn)?

    1. Salam kenal Mba, iya pas banget itu. Cuman suka penuh family room nya karena limited. Ayo segera booking ya :)

  6. Halo mba mau tanya pemisah ke kamar anak bisa ditutup tidak ya?

    1. Hai Mba, seingat saya tidak ada pintu Mba