Visiting Farm Tomita at Furano - Hokkaido : Public Transport, How To Get There & Budget

I don't know how should I start to write this post: so many pictures to post and information I would love to share. Frankly speaking, I am confuse what should I put as the title for this post. Well, I hope this title is "eye catching" enough:D

Before continue to read this post: I should warn you that the post about Farm Tomita will be very long, as I will try to make this post a guide for you who would like to go to Farm Tomita by taking public transport. I have made my dream come true visiting the lavender field at Farm Tomita, I hope this post will help you to make your travel dream come true as well.

This place is really beautiful and worth the trip, effort and every Japanese yen we had spent.

The lupine flowers were the first flower we saw from the entrance of Farm Tomita
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Petit Hotel Melon Furano Review: A Place Called Home

It wasn't easy to find a place to stay in a city called Furano which is 2 hours away by train from Sapporo. Furano is a place where locals and tourists from all over the world go during summer to visit the famous Farm Tomita. Yes people come to see the beautiful lavender field.

I have been searching through booking[dot]com, for an accommodation for 2 adults and 2 children with a maximum budget of USD120 per night. But I couldn't find any. So I searched through airbnb website.

Petit Hotel Melon offers an affordable accommodation for us, deducted by our airbnb travel credit, our room cost only USD45 per night. It goes without saying that minutes later, our room at Petit Hotel Melon was booked. 

And I am glad I did, because this is a place where we feel really at home through our entire Hokkaido trip. The hotel from the outside was so lovely, set in a quiet area, that made our Kiddos#2 woke up at 9 am the next morning:p

What a lovely place to stay:)

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Sapporo With Kids: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel

As far as I remember, I have never made a booking of any accommodations when they are not in operation yet. Of course I would like to know how the real picture looks like, and what other travelers say regarding my chosen hotel/ hostel. 

But it was not the case when I booked Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. I had this feeling that The Grids Sapporo was the best accommodation I could get at Sapporo. It provides a family room with shared bathroom, located at the heart of Sapporo, it's brand new, and the cost of the family room was so affordable: at JPY 9,350 nett per night (for 2 kids and 2 adults). 

The booking was made in March 2017 through booking[dot]com, while Grids Hotel+Hostel opened in early June 2017. I followed their instagram account and witnessed the construction of the hotel through pictures shared on Grids Sappporo's instagram account.

I was very happy when we finally arrived at Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel. You know... it always excite me when the whole time I only could see one place on instagram, but then finally it was in front of our very own eyes :)

And after staying at the Grids Sapporo Hotel+Hostel, I will tell you why you should choose to stay at this hotel, especially for family traveler looking for a budget hotel in Sapporo.

At the lovely common area of Grids Sapporo

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Tokyo With Kids: Staying at A Budget Hotel in Asakusa, Hotel 3000 Jyuraku

Tokyo as you may know, is an expensive city. Based on a survey,  it even includes in the top 10 most expensive city in the world. This is why Tokyo's accommodation is so expensive. 

As a family traveller, usually I opted staying at airbnb apartment. But we had only one night in Tokyo, so I thought that it is better to stay at a budget hotel which is centrally located. 

I tried to find a budget hotel for 2 adults and 2 children with maximum budget of USD120 per night. And I wanted to stay at the heart of Asakusa, with a 10 minutes walk from the nearest station.

After nights of searching at booking[dot]com, I found a budget hotel that suits our need. It is the Hotel 3000 Jyuraku, located 5 mins walking from Tsukuba station, and 10 mins away from Sensoji Temple.

Not only that, it provides a free bicycle rental for the guest, yeaaay :)

In front of Hotel 3000 Jyuraku
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