Furano With Kids: Taking The Nakafurano Chairlift at Choei Lavender Farm

Visiting lavender farm at Farm Tomita might be a dream come true for me, but not for the boys:D That's why when I was making the Hokkaido trip itinerary, I tried to find something to do for our Kiddos as well. The research led me to the Nakafurano Chairlift, an affordable attraction at Choie Lavender Farm and Nakafurano Flower Park.

I asked mr.husband to search the direction via google map, and it was only a 15 minutes walk from Farm Tomita. For other alternative you can also take the train from Lavender Farm Station to the Nakafurano JR Station. But you have to walk first from Farm Tomita to the station for 10 minutes.

Although we didn't get to see as many lavender as expected, I might say that the chairlift experience is the highlight of our visit to the lavender farm that day :)

A pleasant ride on the Nakafurano chairlift :)

How To Go To The Nakafurano Chairlift From Tomita Farm

From the cafe of Farm Tomita, we exit and continued walking via the pedestrian. Thank God it wasn't summer yet when we were there. So we enjoyed the walk without having problem with the summer heat. Not just yet actually, the next day, the temperature was really really hot. 

Our walk that afternoon
Approaching the small town of Nakafurano

When mr.husband saw the road along the way, he told me how cool it be if he could do cycling between the cities: Furano, Nakafurano and Biei. Ok, I will put it in our bucketlist then:D

An empty and beautiful road

And our walk ended when we finally saw the Choei Lavender Farm and Nakafurano Flower Park. Not that stunning without the flowers, well we should be visiting this place once more to see more flowers.

Too bad, the flowers were just like this...
Yeay, the chairlift!

The Nakafurano Chairlift Ride  

We headed to the ticket counter and bought our roundtrip tickets: JPY300 for adult and JPY200 for children. The price is considered cheap for this kind of attraction, right? Especially in an expensive country like Japan.

There was no seatbelt, but the chairlift was so slow that I could fall a sleep haha.. Imagine sitting on a moving chair, accompanied by Japanese slow music and the wind.

Our Kiddos#2 happy face :)
Let's go to the hill...

And when we reached the top of the hill, we were amazed with the view of this small town. I fell in love with Nakafurano. How I wish we could live in this kind of place. Small, quiet, clean, with a fresh air!

Beautiful tree on the hill
The lavender and the lovely view
Looking through the binocular, it can be used by paying JPY100
"Can I have more coins Mom?"

We decided to walk down to the lavender field, and took picture with the sign of this place. By the way, in winter the lavender farm will be covered by snow and you can use a sled to go down the hill. I hope someday we could go back in winter to Hokkaido.

Going down to the lavender field
With the sign of Hokkaido Nakafurano town
Our family picture taken by mr.husband

Thank you mr.husband for the beautiful shot of the three of us with this lovely tree :)

How I love this tree and also the view

Going Back From Nakafurano Chairlift to JR Nakafurano Station

Because we had to catch the train at 4.30 pm, we went down the hill by chairlift and walked to the JR Nakafurano Station. We walked about 15 mins to the station, and waited another 20 mins for the train.

Mind that the train is not so frequent, knowing your train schedule is recommended, as you will know what time you have to leave the Nakafurano Choei Lavender Farm and not to miss your train.

On our walk to the train station

After trying the Nakafurano chairlift, I might say that you have to try this especially when you are taking your kids along. This is sure not to be missed when visiting Furano with kids.

written on August 2, 2017
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  1. keren bgt mba tesya..

    sukak deh

  2. Nice! I went to Farm Tomita but did not go to Choei because I explored the area by Kururu Bus. Would love to try it one day, though.

    1. Yes Mbak, let's go back :)
      I read all of your post regarding your visit to Furano before I go. Thanks for sharing:)