Macau in One Night: Strolling Around Senado Square And Visit Macau Night Market

When you had travelled a lot with many groups, you will end up knowing people with different characters, culture and habit. This will lead you at the end to categorize people that you may called "best travel mates".

I started my story this way, because I would like to introduce you to one group which I like so much, never complaint, always eat, always happy, and allow me to do coffee shop hunting:D I travelled with this group to Bangkok before, and the second time was to Hong Kong and Macau.

If you happen to read this post guys, thank you for the time you spent with me over the weekend. And yes this story is written especially for you, and my blog readers who plan a getaway to Macau.

Thank you for our beautiful memories in Macau

Why Macau?

You heard a lot that super cheap airline ticket sometime was the main reason which leads us to decide where to go, right? That was what happened when we saw promo ticket of Air Asia Jakarta-Macau direct flight. 

We booked a multi city (well, it was multi country actually), one ticket is Jakarta-Hong Kong one way via Kuala Lumpur for IDR 1,200,000 inclusive of tax. And Macau-Jakarta for IDR 700,000 (MOP 408) inclusive of tax.

Months later, the route was cancelled, Air Asia sent us email and ask to choose whether to re route via Kuala Lumpur (Macau-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta), or cancel the ticket and get full refund. Although we had to leave very early, we decided to go on with our original plan.

I told the group that we might only have 6 hours in Macau, as the effect of the route change from Air Asia. No one complaint.

In front of Sofitel: Enjoying Macau to the fullest

Where to Stay in Macau, Near Senado Square

It was my first time ever staying overnight at Macau. The last time I went to Macau with mr.husband, we did only a one day trip from Hong Kong to Macau.

Of course there are lots of hotel range from 5 stars to budget in Macau, but I only wanted to stay close to two things: bus stop to airport and the Senado Square.

My search through booking dot com lead me to Macau Masters Hotel somehow. The room was IDR 1,000,000 per night, so each person will pay IDR 500,000. Not really sure with the booking from the first place, but I hit the booking button anyway.

It is located meters away from Sofitel Hotel, there are also some Seven Eleven nearby. It was easy to reach from Macau Ferry Terminal by bus and also note that the bus number 26 heading to airport passes this hotel.

It was a perfect hotel except the very hard mattress, that feels like you are having a backpain and had to sleep on an orthopedic mattress:p  

Didn't have a proper picture of the room, but overall this place was ok and suit our need.

The hotel is on the right and it was under renovation for its exterior
Dinner at the lobby
We ate everything that we brought from home:D

Getting to Macau From Hong Kong Island: The TurboJet Ferry

The bridge from Hong Kong to Macau was not yet in operation at the time we travelled, so there was only one way to go to Macau by the famous very company which is TurboJet.

We bought the ferry tickets via klook website, but we have to get "the ticket exchange voucher" at klook counter, and still queue to replace the voucher with the ferry tickets. It was not handy after all, but for the discount, klook was ok:p And providing that we took the ferry on a Sunday afternoon, it was safe to buy the tickets in advance.

We need to exchange this voucher to the ferry ticket

The check in was easy, the ferry was great, and there was no long queue at the immigration both in Hong Kong and Macau. It was an enjoyable one hour ferry ride. The next time I go to Macau by Hong Kong, I would like to experience the bus.

Bear in mind that there are two ferry terminal which can get you to Macau. One is in Kowloon, and another one in Hong Kong island. We choose the later as our hostel is located at Hong Kong Islad.

The boarding gate for TurboJet
Ready to board
Sit comfortably inside the ferry
How the ferry looks like from my seat
Approaching Macau, this is what we saw

From Macau Ferry Terminal to The City

After a toilet break at Macau Ferry terminal, we approached the information desk and asked how to get the public bus to the city. The staff answered that we had to exit and walk to our left to find the bus terminal.

And yes, it was easy to find, the Macau Ferry Terminal is integrated with the bus terminal. Just type on the google map where you want to go from the ferry terminal, and google will tell you which bus to choose.

We paid the bus with cash (coin), if you don't have MOP (Macau's currency), you can always use Hong Kong Dollar in Macau.

Walking towards the bus stop with all of our luggage
Waiting for our bus

Senado Square at Night

After checking in at Macau Masters Hotel, and took a rest for a while, we walked to Senado Square and got lost! Hahaha, I was the one who had smartphone and google map on, but you know: woman can't read map:p

We met one guy, a very kind guy who walked with us all the way to the ruins of St.Paul. We walked through lanes in Macau, and we couldn't thank him enough. 

It always warm my heart every time I met people who helped us during our travel. You know, you have to believe that good people exist: many of them. So why worry to get lost? 

This is where we realized that we were lost
The local guy took us through this steep lane
Yeah finally, the sight I recognize
Playing tourist at ruins of St.Paul

The rest of the night, we spent time walking around Senado Square, ate the famous portuguese taart, shopping, and just hang out. This is the best part of Macau, and glad that I enjoyed it with the bunch of people I called my best travel mates.

My friends at the back, they never stop shopping:D
Giordano or Bossini? Two brands you see a lot
in Hong Kong and Macau
Senado Square is so pretty at night

Macau Night Market: A Hidden Gem Near Senado Square

We were not that young anymore, our body warned us that we were tired and we had to do the packing and all that stuff. So we decided to skip the Venetian, and walked back to the hotel instead.

From Senado Square, we walked to the right, and suddenly we found a night market in Macau. It is located on a narrow street with lots of seafood and drinks, and also chairs on the street.

All looks yummy, especially the seafood. If you have a plan to visit Macau, go to this night market. I google, and just knew the name of the street: Rua De Cinco De Outubro. Sounds really complicated, right?

Hahaha, just google Macau Night Market then, and thank me later.

Located on an old street in Macau
They look really delish
And this one too..

Going to Macau Airport By Bus

The next morning, we took bus number 26 which went directly to the airport. It took about 1 hour, and as we took a morning bus, it was crowded with people who go to work.

At the airport, Air Asia was very tight to weight all of our luggage. If you plan to shop either in Hong Kong or Macau, better to buy luggage. Only my backpack which did not asked to be place on the weight scale.

Bus 26 to the airport
Queue up to check in

Macau Airport was very bright, clean and I loved the windows which were having this giant sticker of all Macau's Icon. In one word: it was impressive.

Senado Square at the window
Thank you again Air Asia for the promo ticket

Thank you Macau for the beautiful 6 hours. Having seen another part of Macau from the window of bus 26 on the way to airport, I would like to come back and do my slow jogging here :) There are for sure still lots to explore in Macau, and not only the famous Senado Square.

written on February 10, 2019

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