Penang With Kids: Taking The Train To Penang Hill and Visit The Habitat

It is going to be another post about Penang after 7 years! Wow, it has been a long time since our last visit to Penang. We choose Penang as our first destination to go abroad with our kiddos, our youngest was only 2 years old back then. If you'd like to see other posts regarding Penang, please read in this link.

Mr.husband had this idea to go back to Penang for a culinary trip. So I put Penang on my 2019 bucketlist, and bought the ticket during Air Asia big sale. I was quiet amazed that we got a return ticket for IDR 3,400,000 for four person, on a long weekend.

We didn't make itinerary for this trip, all I wanted was to visit Penang Hill by taking the funicular train. I love seing the view from top of Penang.

Penang in the morning, as seen from Penang Hill

Beat The Crowd By Arriving Early In The Morning

Up to now, the train ride to Penang Hill is still one of the top thing to do in Penang. Whether you visit it on weekday or weekend, you have to beat the crowd. 

We visited Penang Hill on a Saturday morning, and arrived around 08.30 at the ticket counter. There was still no queue, we paid MYR90, for 2 adults and 2 children tickets. Children are any child between 4-12 yo.

Things to note:
- You can buy the ticket in advance through Penang Hill's website, click this link: Penang Hill Ticket.
- The fast lane ticket is required if the queue to get on the train is very long during busy period. My advise is, take the train early in the morning, so you will not need any fast lane to go up to Penang Hill. But on the way back, you can always pay additional fee of MYR20 per person for the fast lane. And it was recommended as you can sit in the front car of the train to take beautiful pictures.

The situation around 08.30 in the morning
We bought the ticket on the spot
It started from 1923

What To Do Once You Arrive at Penang Hill

First thing first, of course grab breakfast at Astaka/ Cliff Cafe. You may find almost everything at the foodcourt at a very reasonable price.

After breakfast, you can stroll around, go to the Sky Walk to take pictures, or even have a sip of coffee at Sky Terrace, known as "the highest bar in town". For more reference of the restaurant at Penang hill, go to their website.

The Sky Walk
Beautiful part of Penang

Visit The Habitat at Penang Hill

If you love nature, this place is a must visit. It is called "The Habitat" and offers you a Malaysian rainforest experience. A very beautiful one.

How to get to The Habitat? They provide a free shuttle from the outside area of Astaka/ Cliff Cafe. You will spot their tent easily, just sign up to their staff and you will be escorted to the free shuttle area.

We took the shuttle, it was only a 3 minutes ride (or less than 1KM) from Astaka/ Cliff Cafe to The Habitat. Then we proceed to the ticket counter. We bought a family package ticket (2 adults + 2 children) for MYR 137.80

The Colugo Zip

When we bought the ticket, Mr.husband saw a brochure about the Colugo Zip. The "Full Experience" cost MYR99, but they also have the "Honeymoon Experience" for only MYR30. We were lucky that the slots were still available, Mr.husband and Kiddos#1 signed up for 2 Honeymoon Experience ride.

Kiddos#2 refused to go inside The Habitat, he said that he was tired. Oh our drama king! But at the end, he walked with us going inside The Habitat, and request to go on the Honeymoon Experience ride as well. So I walked back to the ticket counter, and bought another ticket for Kiddos#2.

Three of them had fun, and Mr.husband regret why didn't they take the full experience ride. Ok, I know that there will be a next visit to Penang:p

All in all, this ride is very recommended, the staffs are professional. Maybe next time, I'll give it a try. Maybe. Hahahaha..

Our Kiddos#1
Our Kiddos#2, the drama king
The briefing session

The Tree Top Walk And The Trail Inside Habitat

After their Colugo Zip, we walked further inside The Habitat, and fell in love with the forest. Yeah the entrance ticket was not that cheap, but I'm telling you: it was well worth it.

There was also The Canopy Walk, but it was too hot for me, that I decided to go back to the cafe at the ticket counter. Mr.husband continue his walk to The Canopy Walk.

The walking path inside The Habitat
Ah yes, we had to take the stairs
Hi, there!
On the tree top walk

Going Back to Penang By Taking The Funicular Train

Around midday, we went back to the upper station of the funicular train from Penang Hill to Penang. The queue was so long, that I ended up over budget (for another MYR80) and bought the fast lane!

But look at this way, we sit in front of the train and was able to take great shots! Yeah, what a great excuse after all.

At any cost, I bought the fast lane because of the queue
One train was approaching the upper ground station

Bye for now Penang Hill, you will always be on my list everytime I visit Penang.  For more pictures, video about our Penang trip with kids, go to our Instagram feed and also our IG Story highlight under "Penang".

Written on March 17, 2019
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  1. Wow..We haven't visited Penang for a long time.Must repeat definitely

    1. Yes you should Mas Yahya. Ngangenin soalnya :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hai Mba Fitri, iya pemandangannya bagus Mba :)

  3. Pertengaha tahun rencananya kami mau ke Penang, mbak. Penang Hill sudah masuk itinerary juga. Untuk tiketnya mending beli online atau go show aja sih mbak?

    1. Hai, sebetulnya online lebih murah ya. Coba aja dibandingkan. Aku enggak beli online karena masih galau waktu itu hehe..

  4. Mbak Tesya bagus banget ulasannya klo buat dapaet tiket airasia promo gitu gimana ya ? Aku soalnya bawa kddos juga inihhh . Tks

    1. Aku pantengin pas sale Mba, udah punya juga target tanggal perginya. Jadi enggak lama-lama lagi milih tanggal. Semoga bisa dapet harga promonya ya.