Trava House Jogjakarta: Great Hostel With Minimalist Design In The Heart Of The City

This was my first time staying at hostel in Jogjakarta. I usually go with my family or on a business trip to Jogja, so I never had the chance to stay in a hostel. 

Until we planned a mommies dayout trip to Jogjakarta, and I wanted to go after office hour on a Friday night. All other mommies wanted to go on Saturday morning, so I opted staying at Trava House Jogjakarta by my own.

Trava House is a small hostel, located in the heart of the city, and every corner of the house made me fell in love. 

The main entrance of Trava House


The easiest way to locate Trava House Jogjakarta is: it is on a small lane just before Neo Awana Hotel. There's no parking place but for motorcycle, so you better take Go-car to reach this place.

It is in a walking distance to Alun-alun Kidul and to my favorite area: Jalan Prawirotaman with many cafes on the street.

Once you get the small lane just few meters away from Neo Awana Hotel, walk inside the small lane and you will find a sign to Trava House.

It was 10 pm, and I was looking for this place
Yeay finally :)

The staff is on site only until 5 pm, so guests who arrive after 5 pm had to do the self check in. It was easy, I got a password to open a mailbox, and voila I got my room key.

My name on the white board

The Room & Shared Bathroom

I reserved my room via airbnb and used my travel credit for USD 15. I didn't pay anything for the room. Thank you my blog readers who have signed airbnb using my account. That's how I have been collecting travel credit on airbnb.

And look what I got with my airbnb travel credit. This room is so lovely, it has no air-con, but I could sleep really well.

This is how I found my room: got my name on the door
My room is too good to be true (well, minus the air con)

How about the bathroom? It is shared, but very clean. There are two toilets and two showers on the opposite.

The wash area is also near the showers and toilets, and it has no mirror but a writing on the wall. What an idea!

Remember: you look great!
The shower
The toilet

The Common Area

Other than the room, the common area at Trava House Jogjakarta is also very nice. There's a plunge pool, dining area and what I love the most is the living room on the second floor.

The dining room where you can watch tv
The dining area just outside my room
There's even a floaties on the plunge pool


Overall, it is a lovely place to stay when you are traveling with friends. Please be advised that Trava House Jogjakarta only welcome guests above 17 years old.

The room is including breakfast, but I had to leave early the following morning. After a photo session, I left Trava House and I just knew that I had to write the review of this place very soon. 

And yeah, within a week of my stay, I post my review on tesyasblog :)

Work is done = weekend
Love everything about Trava House

Written on October 26, 2019
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