Pan-O at FX Sudirman

I’ve never been to the newly renovated FX before although it located just accross Bapindo, where I worked for the previous company. Well, when I worked there I visited the previous FX building but only some shops and some restos in the basement were open. So when we heard that the Pizza Marzano offered a special discount at FX, we went there and were amazed by this mall. This is a totally different mall than what we’ve visited before. The most impressive thing is all the meeting rooms provided by this mall, they were really futuristic. FX is famous for “the slide” which you can ride from the top floor to the ground floor of the mall only in seconds. If you want to try the slide you have to pay Rp 100.000 per peson, and an addition of Rp 50.000 shall be paid when you want to have the pictures of you. Well, I have no gut to try the slide, never.

That day we had lunch in Pizza Marzano, but we’re not going to write about the pizza as it has been written in our blog. We’d like to write about the dessert we had that day although we were fully loaded with the pizza: we tried a delicious stacks at Pan O. It’s a cozy restaurant located in the ground floor which provide different pancakes from different countries. Then we saw in the menu that they had “stacks”. From the pictures I believe it’s kind of pancake as well.. We haven’t tried or heard anything about stacks before, of course we love pancakes, but we don’t know how a stack look like. That’s why we only order original stacks and this is how it’s look like..

The stacks came with butter and maple it was still hot the butter melted when we placed it over the stacks...hmmm yummy... Let’s talk about the price now.. I might say it’s not cheap, but also not very expensive. These three pieces of stacks costs Rp 30.000 and of course you have to pay more when more special menu is ordered. But for this cozy restaurant it’s well worth it, you can have pancakes with a cup of coffee while surfing on the internet as free wi fi is provided.

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