Seafood Angga Sunter

When you’re in Jakarta and want to have great seafood with affordable price, go to Kelapa Gading or Sunter’ll find so many seafood restaurants from the cheap to the expensive one. 

Now I’m going to write one of the seafood resto in sunter called “Angga” (maybe the owner’s name is Angga or his son’s name:p) It’s a small resto located accross Superindo in sunter. You can eat outdoor or in their small resto. 

If you want to choose your seafood, you can do it first, just go to their cool boxes and pick the fresh fish or crabs. The funny thing is they write the price on the crabs! Their specialty is the crab,so if you ever try Angga, don’t forget to order their Kepiting Saus Padang (crab in Padangnese sauce).

We heard about Angga from Yenni (again) and we thank her because all what we ordered were very delicious, although we don’t think it’s that cheap Yen..hehe.. We had the Kepiting Saus Padang, Kangkung Cha, baked fish, and Kerang Saus Padang (when all the food came we realize it was too much for the two of would be enough for four person!). 

For all of the food we ordered it cost us Rp 175.000. The best food was of course the crab.. but it was very hot and spicy.. Next time I want to have another seafood session, for sure Angga will be my first choice!


  1. tes aku ngiler kerangnya...

  2. Udah nyoba belum Vonny? Enak buangetss deh hehe