One fine weekend at Jambuluwuk

Found this place on the net, the pictures are so impressive that we decide to spend one night with the whole family there. It’s located in Ciawi, so you don’t have to pass the terrible Puncak traffic jam to get here.

We stayed in a villa of 3 bedrooms called Vila Sumbawa. Compared to other villa, the location is the nearest to the pool. So remember when you want to stay here in a villa of 3 bedroom, you better choose 3 of these villas: Lombok, Sumbawa or Kutai. You’ll find a gate to get in to each villas.

Our villa was really nice, in the first floor there’s one bedroom, the living room and also the kitchen. The kitchen provide glasses, plates, fork, spoons, stove, refrigerator, so you can bring food to be cooked here.

While on the second floor, there are still two other bedrooms with better view than the bedroom in the first floor. Each bedroom has its own attached bathroom. Outside the bedrooms, there are a place to hang out with your family with view of Gunung Salak, hmmm... really nice. Our three bedrooms villa costs Rp 1,350,000 nett including breakfast for 6 person. The axtra bed cost you around Rp 60,000.

For those who’d like to have a bigger place for family or business gathering, Jambuluwuk also has big villa with a spacious garden where you can have some outdoor activities. Najmi is our model for the big lodge:p

Jambuluwuk has two swimming pools for all the villas, too bad they don’t provide hot swimming pool, so with the weather near Puncak, you’ll get cold shortly in their swimming pool.

The next morning, we got breakfast which were served in our villa. But I might say thay the food was terrible. So if you want to stay here, better bring your own food, cook there.. Because the resto inside jambuluwuk is not that nice, while if you want to go outside, the street is very crowded at night. Despite the food, we had a great time here, and looking forward to spend another vacation at jambuluwuk.

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