Jumbo Floating Resto

This time, I wouldn't write about food review in this resto. Cause I'm quite sure the food in Jumbo Floating Resto Hongkong is not Halal. That's why I only eat rice with the food I brought from Indonesia:p

But there are still some side story regarding this resto that nice to be shared, especially as this is one of Hongkong tourist attraction. Located in Aberdeen Harbour, we were transferred by a small ferry to this resto (only 5 minutes). All was organized by our tour, so I couldn't tell you how to get to this harbour using public transport neither how much the small ferry cost. Maybe it's free, I didn't see any ticket booth near the ferry.

The decoration is really chinese, somehow from outside I think it looks like Kampung Cina, which is only minutes away from my house.

After lunch, they prepared a small foto studio where we could borrow Hongkong's traditional dress, and took a picture. We had to pay 50 HKD for one person. Thought that if I ever go to HK again I will not visit this place anymore (because I couldn't eat anything except rice:p), so I gave it a try and become a Hongkong Princess for a while. How did I look like? hehe..

written on May 03, 2010 by @tesyasblog

tag: liburan ke Hongkong, makan di Jumbo Floating Resto, foto dengan baju tradisional Hongkong


  1. Hi mbak,salam kenal..

    My name's novi from jakarta. I was looking for travel-story to HK-Macau when i got to ur blog. It really fun to read ur story and it made me want to go there hehehe Do u mind to share ur experience? especially about budget cause i really had no idea about the cost. If u do mind i hope i'll be able to contact u to ur email address. I'd very appreciate if u could reply me.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hai Novi, salam kenal juga. Mengenai budget,aku sudah email langsung ke alamat di atas ya... Happy travelling :)