One day in Bangkok

In Feb'10, I got the opportunity to go abroad with my office. We went to Bangkok and Hongkong for 4 days..two cities I have never visited before. And this is my first journey using a tour organized by travel agent. We use one of the best tour which is Panorama tour. Nothings wrong with the tour, but I would rather choose go travelling by myself. Despite that we have to take public transportation, find resto to eat, search hotel to stay..still, it's better.

Arriving at Svarnabhumi airport at 4 pm, we directly visited a jewlerry factory. Really useless, because all was very expensive. Then we had dinner at Royal Dragon Restaurant, a huge restaurant which can serve 5,000 people at one time (well, it is what stated on the Guiness Book of Record certificate hung in the resto).
The food was great, they gave us a fresh seafood platter and also a real Thai Tom Yam soup..

Then we went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar, the place for tourist to hang out at the cafes and also to shop souvenirs with a bargain price.

Suan means "park" while Lum most likely derrives from the word "Lumphini" which is the name of the area where the night bazaar is located. I am impressed with the cleanliness of this bazaar, and how all the shop are well organized. The price considered cheap, but you have to bargain up to 50% of the price. Sometimes the seller gets mad, but no worries, they will speak Thai which we don't understand. Just go to the next shop and start bargain again.

When hungry, they also have an open space food stall for you to take supper or just a cup of coffee.

Next time you visit Bangkok, make sure to put Suan Lum Night Bazzar in your itinerary!

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