Tsim Sha Tsui

Finally time for shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui ('TST').... Before shopping, we had dinner at City Chiuw Chow Resto. As the name sounds, again I didn't eat anything here, and choose to eat Pop Mie I brought in my backpack. There's a sushi resto in the ground floor, but when I tried to order, still they have sushi filled with Pork. Oh my God...so difficult to eat in HK hehe..

Just before going back to Jakarta, I finally found a halal certified at the resto which is Popeyes, located at the airport.

After dinner, the tour organized a barongsai show.. thought the barongsai will be a real show, a huge one. But it was only a tiny barongsai..

TST located in the south of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong, is one of the most famous shopping paradise. It is a concentration of stores, shopping malls, restaurants and office buildings. Whenever you walk in the street, you will be confronted by heavy traffic and the crowd of citizens and tourist. But everything is very orderly. Love this place, it's really Hongkong:p

I didn't do that much shopping..except for body shop, esprit, bossini and my purple shoes. Esprit are quiet cheap here, especially when you buy discount items. Bossini is very cheap here compared to prices in indonesia. For sure, you have to shop bossini in HK :)

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