Warung Laos Cihampelas

One saturday night when we decided to have a date at Ciwalk to see My Name is Khan, it ended up with a dinner at Laos as we didn't succeed to get the ticket. The cafe was full, fortunately we still get a table for both of us (otherwise maybe we'll end up at warung ayam goreng just beside Laos:p).

Actually I don't like the atmosphere at the 2nd floor because I think it's too dark (if you eat here, make sure you sit on the 1st floor, the same floor as the kitchen). But it was paid up with the taste of the food we ordered that night. Rene ordered nasi goreng ikan asin...and yes it was very yummy!

I ordered margarita pizza, my fave when I eat italian pizza. The pizza is also very nice.Actually they also have pasta, lasagna, and their other special menu is sausage. But one pizza is enough for that night.

Rene also ordered orange float which is delicious.

Laos is not very expensive. The pizza we ordered cost IDR 30,000, and the nasi goreng is IDR 25,000. For the drinks it range between IDR 10,000 to IDR 20,000. You'll find so many pictures by Darwis Triadi inside Laos. The gossip is that he also one of the owners of this place. I don't know whether it's true or not:p All in all, it's a nice place to relax after you shop in Cihampelas area.

Warung Laos, 022-2030516

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