6 hours waiting at Changi (Jakarta-Singapore-Hongkong)

Prior to our connecting flight to Hongkong, we stopped over at Changi for about six hours. We intended to stay at their transit hotel, but when we think it over again, actually we only had to wait for four hours (we arrived at Changi 00.35am, and our connecting flight is at 06.40am). So we decided to enjoy Changi at midnight.

Some stores are still open. Also some resto like Burger King, Delifrance, Dunkin Donuts, Kun Kaya Toast open 24 hours. First we went to their Cactus Garden, but the area is too dark, so we went inside again.

We enjoyed their massage chair for a while. I didn't like it that much. But Dini could enjoy it with her exam materials..OMG!

Sleepy, we stayed at their rest area where they provide sleeping chair. Fabulous! But the area is too open space so it was really cold. Actually there are some rest area which can be used to sleep on the carpet. But the sleeping chair is not available in those area.

By the way, we also took picture of changi's playground for kids. Our boys would definitely love it.

Finally it's already check in time at 5 am. We asked to have seat at the emergency exit door to have spacious leg room. We were fortunate that the lady gave the seats we wanted. After that, we went to the prayer room to do Sholat Subuh, had breakfast at Burger King and checked in.

Alhamdulillah our flight to Hongkong was on time. The airplane was even better than the one taking us from Jakarta to Singapore. Unfortunately we didn't get any snack or drink on board.

We spent the time of 3 hours and 20 minutes to have a good sleep, to prepare our energy for todays itinerary. Hongkong....we're coming!!!

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  1. Kemarin pulang ke Indonesia juga mampir "Wisata" ke Changi, Si kecil paling seneng yang social tree iku, jepret jepret terus nampang hehehe.

    1. Iya social tree keren ya Mbak, Changi emang selalu ngangenin.

  2. Semoga bisa pergi liburan ke Hongkong seperti mbak.... ^ ^