Pasta de Waraku Grand Indonesia

Yesss we love pasta so much, so any recommended place for pasta become a must visit place for us. Then we heard about this Pasta de Waraku, and how delicious the pasta is. So we visited one of their branch in Grand Indonesia.
No need to be confused in choosing the menu, we can directly see the sample hanging on their wall.We tried their korokoro tofu for the appetizer. It's a fried japanese tofu, and was a very good start, it cost IDR 22,000.Then we also ordered their pizza, very thin indeed, but tastes unique. We tried Pizza hotate prawn for IDR 56,000.
For the pasta, our mom wanted to have the original one, so we tried their meat bolognese for IDR 58,000. It came with a half boiled egg in the midle.
While I tried their tomato cream chicken and mushroom also for IDR 58,000

All the menu came in a very small portion, but very delicious. I would recommend this resto for its taste, but not for the price. So for us, it will be a one time visit, unless there's a special promo in this resto next time.

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