USS, a bit of Sentosa,Vivo City and Orchard

We arrived at USS at 7.30 in the morning and yes it was so quite. From the Casino place, we went upstair, and we arrived at USS. There were some people taking pictures as well, yeah..we're not the only one:p

I was not so interested to go into USS, but I would really love to go to Hershey's shop! Too bad it was of course still closed.

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Singapore riverside at Midnight

We continued our taking picture session at about 3.30 am in the Singapore Riverside area. There is also an old bridge which linked The Fullerton to the Parliament House area, which is also great to be a taking picture's spot.

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Midnight photo session at Merlion

We arrived at Changi at about 1 am. And we don't have any hotel to go. This is because we have ordered at Feel at home for two double rooms, which were still in the construction progress. I sent Rick, the owner, YM just two days before we left to HK, and he was still sure that the room will be ready by the time we arrive in Spore. But then, the next day Rick sent me YM that there's a problem that made our room will not be ready. He tried to find us another hotel, but when I chat with him I was driving, and we didn't continue our chat the next day.

Actually when we arrived at changi, we tried to reserve the transit hotel. But it was fully booked. So we decided to enjoy Singapore at midnight.

After taking our luggage, we asked the visitor information center where the left baggage section located. It was down in the basement, on the same floor with the bus stop. By the way it was 1 am and the officer stand by at the visitor information center was really really nice. We change our clothes, left our luggage (SGD 4 for each lugage to be kept 24 hours), than we took the taxi directly to Merlion park. We had to pay SGD 25 including the midnight fees.

Then the taking picture sessions begin, eventhough we were sleepy.

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Using budget airline from Hongkong International airport

Finally it's time for us to leave Hongkong after all the sightseeing, the shopping, the taking picture session, and all the Indian food:p We took our lugage at Hop Inn, and walked to the A21 bus stop which took us directly to the airport. Please note that the bus stop is different than the one we're coming from the airport. It's in the opposite side.

By the way, we have returned our octopus card at the MTR station. They gave us our deposit which is HKD 50 minus HKD 5 for their fee, and also the remaining balance. So we pay cash for the A21 bus fare which is HKD 33.

As we're flying with jetstar, we have to go to terminal 2. And we thought that we're going to fly for terminal 2 as well. Little bit dissappointed with the budget terminal, there's no Popeyes (the only halal certified food in HK I knew so far beside the Indian food), and the Disney shop is smaller than in terminal 1. We checked in at the counters and forgot to ask the emergency seat this time. Oh nooo.. The lady said that after checked in, we have to go to terminal 1 because the immigration is in the terminal 1 and all flights fly from terminal 1.

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Shopping at Cheung Sha Wan Road

We continued our journey on the last day in Hongkong to Cheung Sha Wan Road, to shop the latest fashion with wholesale prices. To go there, take MTR to Sham Shui Po and exit C1, walk to Cheung Sha Wan Road. Actually there is also a flea market in Apliu Street, but when we went there, the flea market was not yet open.

Most of the shops can be found between Yen Chow Street and Wong Chuk Street. The clothes are over runs from garment factories in and around Shan Shui Po - with a few reject thrown in for good measure. Many of the shops are run by fashion-conscious operators who save the best items for Hong Kong boutiques and overseas buyers.

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Second Visit to Avenue of Stars

Our last day in Hongkong was raining (meaning another foggy day!), so we cancel our plan to visit Ngong Ping, the Budha statue. Bye bye Ngong Ping... First we took pictures in front of the famous Peninsula Hotel.

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Shopping at Ladies Market

We went back to Hongkong after spending our day in Macau. We stopped first at Esprit outlet which located just beside the China Ferry Terminal. For some items the price was cheap, but for some items, the price was still expensive. We have to be really careful. The design in the Esprit outlet is different than in Esprit counters. So up to you which esprit you are going to buy.

We went back to the hotel, had dinner at the indian resto beneath Hop Inn, and with the left energy, we went to the Festival Walk mall, whilst Emas and Dini choose to went back to Hop Inn. We still have mission to buy Thomas at Toys R us. I have been to Festival Walk before, and I liked it so much. It's a huge mall with all of my fave brand inside. If you like to go there just take MTR and get off at Kowloon Tong station. When you are using the green line MTR, the mall will be just beneath the MTR station. But if you are using the blue line MTR, you have to go out from the station, walk to the 7eleven, and there's a shortcut to the mall just behind 7eleven.

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