Midnight photo session at Merlion

We arrived at Changi at about 1 am. And we don't have any hotel to go. This is because we have ordered at Feel at home for two double rooms, which were still in the construction progress. I sent Rick, the owner, YM just two days before we left to HK, and he was still sure that the room will be ready by the time we arrive in Spore. But then, the next day Rick sent me YM that there's a problem that made our room will not be ready. He tried to find us another hotel, but when I chat with him I was driving, and we didn't continue our chat the next day.

Actually when we arrived at changi, we tried to reserve the transit hotel. But it was fully booked. So we decided to enjoy Singapore at midnight.

After taking our luggage, we asked the visitor information center where the left baggage section located. It was down in the basement, on the same floor with the bus stop. By the way it was 1 am and the officer stand by at the visitor information center was really really nice. We change our clothes, left our luggage (SGD 4 for each lugage to be kept 24 hours), than we took the taxi directly to Merlion park. We had to pay SGD 25 including the midnight fees.

Then the taking picture sessions begin, eventhough we were sleepy.

We tried to find cafes, but starbucks and coffee beans were already closed. There were some discotheque which were still full, but we were not interested at all:p

After that we used underpass of the Fullerton that linked merlion park to Singapore riverside.

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  1. ini keren banget bun, kayak the matrix..

  2. Hahahaha :) The matrix dari Hongkong

  3. Mba, Saya Nia. Diatas di jelasin ada the left baggage section, itu di changi? Karena sy ada wktu 1 hari di SG,kalau keliling bawa koper agak repot. Mohon informasinya. Terimakasih.

  4. Hallo Nia, iya betul left baggage ada Changi Airport, di semua terminalnya ada. Tinggal kita sesuaikan kita naik airline apa. Untuk detailnya silahkan lihat di web changi ya.