The Bali Bird Park

Been to Jurong bird park and thought Indonesia does not have something like that...but then I proof it myself our Bali Bird Park is as good as the Jurong Bird Park. Actually before visiting the place, we compared to other two destinations which are Bali Safari and also bali Zoo. After reading the reviews, we choose this park and will visit the other places on our next visit to Bali.

The park located at Gianyar, so if you plan your visit here, you can continue going to Ubud after visiting this place, as the park located not far from Ubud. I love all the birds here, they are very unique and also cute.

After paying the entrance ticket, they gave us the map of the park and also spray our hand with anti bacteria liquid (I guess). Than we walk through the park and really amazed with how beautiful it is. In the middle, there is a pond surrounded by beautiful trees. I must say that this park is very well maintained.

We could also take picture with the birds using our own camera, we only need to pay the tip to the birdman.

Najmi and Arkan had lunch at the park and really enjoy their visit to this park.

Before we ended our trip, we visited the cinema and enjoy a movie about a group of penguins. We were also equipped with the glasses. 

written on October 9, 2010 by @tesyasblog

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