Halal Food Option in Bali: Makbeng Sanur

Going to bali without trying the Makbeng resto on our last visit to Bali, made us put this as one of the must visit place in our itinerary this time. It is located at Sanur Beach, near the Plaza Hotel (previously Radisson).

It has been there since 1941 and people keep coming there until now. They only have one set menu: fried fish and also the fish soup. Per set menu cost IDR 28,000. I don't like fish soup, I think that fish should be either grilled or fried. But to my surprise, I love the taste of Makbeng fish soup. Although it's too spicy for me, but it taste really fresh.

And of course I love the fried fish as well. The sambal provided with the fish was really spicy.

We were lucky that when we visited the place, it wasn't full. Mostly people have to queue to get the seats. The place is not that big, and you will find many flies as well. I must say it's really Indonesian:p But if you haven't visited this place, than this is a must. Visit the place an hour before the lunch time is recommended.

written on Oct 5, 2010 by @tesyasblog

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