The Sands Sky Park

This is one of our target for this visit to Singapore: to go all the way up to The Sands Sky Park. When we prepared the itinerary, we couldn't find direct bus that links our budget hotel to The Marina Bay Sands. So we asked the hotel staff how to go there. The lady gave us a map and recommend us to walk. She said it's 15 minutes walking distance. And she often recommend guest to walk so that guest may see a lot of things, the boat quay, the merlion, the esplanade than the marina bay sands.

Ok than, we followed her recommendation, walking to Marina Bay Sands. First we pass the Boat Quay, than the Fullerton, passing by using Fullerton's under pass, than voila, we were in front of Marina Bay Sands. But we still have to cross another two bridges, the esplanade bridge, and also the bridge that links the esplanade with the marina bay sands.
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Christmas at Orchard

I have always wanted to enjoy the lights at Orchard on Christmas, because they say it's very nice and so on..The last two times I left Spore too early before the lighting started. And the other time, I came after christmas to Singapore.This time I came to Singapore exactly on the 25th Dec, and we went to Orchard for the lighting.

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Singapore Surprise Year End Holiday

Yesss we call it a surprise holiday as we have never planned it before. So in brief, suddenly the training which I have applied back in October is confirmed. The training dated 28-29 Dec, and we decided to go before the training. Too bad our boys don't have passport yet, so again it's going to be a holiday for me and rene. Another part of our Jalan Hemat ke Singapura version:p

Rene booked mandala air saturday Dec 25, a 6 am flight. And I book the same flight. But as Rene will return to jakarta on monday due to leave constraint, I asked the travel agent to find me the return flight for Dec 29, the night right after my training ends. They said that an SQ flight cost IDR 4 million!! Whattt? The price does not make sense. Though it will be my company expense, I said to the travel agent to find me another flight which is much cheaper. It ended up with value air:p

Another challenge is to book the budget hotel just two weeks before the d day. Most of them are full. Till I found Rucksack Inn. From the reviews, it's very recommended. So I email to Rucksack Inn 1 & 2 (they have two branches) and our luck that we still have a double room with common bath for SGD 75 per night. We'll have a bunk bed, but it's ok. While for the other two nights that will be paid by my company, I'll be staying at Park Regis hotel.

We'll share the review of both of the hotel as well as our singapore trip this time. Meanwhile kindly follow our twitter account which is @tesyasblog to read the live report. Enjoy...

written on December 25, 2010
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La Porchetta Grand Indo

We love Grand Indonesia mall for its food and of course because of the funworld section for our boys. We seldom go there, but once we go there, than we always try resto that we haven't tried before. This time we tried the La Porchetta, as it sounds, yes it is an italian resto, and the decoration is also really italian.For our boys' lunch, we ordered their penne carbonara and not only our boys who love it, but also both rene and me. It tastes really nice. The pasta cost IDR 40,000.We also tried their margarita pizza large size:p which cost IDR 45,000. For me the taste was not that special.And last but not least we ordered their chicken schnitzel, which also taste real good, but too bad it came with no steak sauce. It cost around IDR 40,000.written on December 12, 2010
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Jape Methe Cibubur

Now let's see what I can found around my house in Kota Wisata Cibubur. Near our cluster, there's a what so called Fresh Market, which also have food stalls starting at 5 pm. And I think I have to review one of the best stall which is Jape Methe. Actually they have some branches, not only in Kota Wisata. But I am not sure the precise location of their branches.

The taste is really nice and original from central java. Tried their mie goreng (fried noodle), we often order the mixed one between mie and bihun, and it taste better than only the mie or the bihun. It cost IDR 14,000.

However for me, the best one is their mie godok (soup noodle), the soup taste fabulous. Really nice to have this when it's raining. The price is the same both for the fried one or the mie godok.

Come to Kota Wisata and try this Jape Methe. I am sure you'll love it.

written on December 12, 2010
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