Ever Fresh MAG

We found this seafood resto inside Mall Artha Gading in northern part of Jakarta, and we fell in love with this resto for its affordable price and of course the taste of the food! It's a seafood resto where we can choose the fresh seafood from their 'seafood display area'. The price is determined by the weight of the seafood we choose. And every 1 onz will be subject to IDR 1,000 for the cooking fee.

The most famous menu is the steam fish with its hongkong sauce. You can choose the kind of fish you would like to steam. But the most recommended one is the red neela fish. It cost IDR 35,000 for 1/2kg. I don't like steam fish, and tried the fried gurame and also the grilled one. They were also yummy.

Fried squid is also our fave here, it cost IDR 25,000 for 1/4kg. You can have it either fried, cooked with saos padang (spicy one), the one below is the fried crispy squid with salt and pepper sauce.

And for the vegetable, we choose salt fish with tauge for IDR 17,500.

This resto is highly recommended:) Average per person is around IDR 35,000

written on Mar 30, 2011

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