Ikea Damansara

Despite of its location which is outside the city of KL, we still put Ikea Damansara on our itinerary, with one reason: we wanted to try the Swedish Meatball, which is halal here! We had to take LRT all the way to Kelana Jaya LRT station. It was a 30 minutes trip from KL Sentral.

At the Kelana Jaya LRT station turn left when after the train exit counter and use the bridge to cross the road (bridge with "Mr Paint" ad on the above picture) which will take us to the bus stop at the opposite of Kelana Jaya Stn. We waited for the Ikea's free shuttle bus. The bus will be taking us to Ikano Power Center, the name of the mall. The bus interval is every 1-2 hours. The bus should have come by 10 am, but it didn't show up. And our itinerary doesn't contain which public bus to take, as we depend on the Ikea's shuttle bus!!

So we keep on reading the destination stated on the public bus passing by the bus stop, and suddenly we saw bus number U88 with the sign "Damansara". We thought maybe it's going to Ikea as well:p We approach the driver and asked whether it's going to Ikea, and he said yes. Thanks God. We paid MYR 1 per person, so cheap! By the way, we can also take taxi from the bus stop. I don't know the fare though.

After 30 minutes on the bus, we arrived at Ikea. The bus didn't stop in front of it, instead we stopped behind the building, and the driver told us where to walk. Warning, there is no bus stop! So we asked him how to go back to Kelana Jaya station? He said just wait at the opposite and take the same bus number from there, and again we didn't see any bus stop at the opposite.

We arrived at Ikea and it is huge compared to the one in Singapore Alexandra road! But the one I visited in the Netherlands still the biggest that I have visited so far. We went directly to the foodcourt, too bad the lunch was not ready until 11.30 pm. So we shopped around first, buy some little things for our house, with Rene keep saying "don't buy this and that":p Not because of the price, but because of its dimension as he's the one who will be in charge in packing:D

The food court area is also huge. All food are halal here!!!

We came back to the foodcourt just about lunch time..and yes we had the swedish meatballs! OMG it is so yummy :)

Other than that we ordered their chicken wings and pasta. The pasta is so so, but the chicken wing taste so good.

Before leaving Ikano Power Center, we visited Toys r Us!! We didn't know there is a Toys R Us on the same building as Ikea. So it was really a nice surprise for us.

We went back to the place where we were coming, and waited there for bus U88. The first bus coming on our way stated that it is going to KL Sentral. So we tried to take the bus instead of the LRT, to go back to KL Sentral. We have no idea how the bus route would be, and where to stop. We thought that the bus driver will tell us where to stop, as we asked him at the time we hopped into the bus that we were going to KL Sentral. After 45 minutes of drive, we just realize that we arrived at KL sentral already, and the bus driver didn't tell us to stop! We suddenly press the bus stopping button, and the driver was kind enough to alight us even after the official bus stop:p We than continue taking monorail to Bukit Bintang.

I personally always so happy to try new route, new mode of transportation (no taxi of course), just hop on to bus passing by..and glad we succeed going back by bus from Ikea. Too bad we forget to write down the bus number.

written on April 29, 2011 by @tesyasblog

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