Petronas Tower

This is the third time that we visit KL, and this time we promised ourselves to go up to the twin towers! So when I made the itinerary, I visited some blogs to gather info how to get the ticket, where is the location of the ticket counter, etc. From what I read, the ticket is no longer free. We have to pay MYR 10 to go up until 41st level, and MYR 40 to go up until 86th floor. They also have lunch and dinner package for MYR 200 and MYR 350 respectively. We decided to take the package which will allow us going up to the top.

Other important thing is that we have to queue up very early as the daily ticket is limited. The ticket counter opens at 8.30am, but it is recommended to come as early as possible.

We planned to leave at 6am to catch the ticket, but that morning we left tune hotel at 7.15 am and were confused either to take taxi, monorail or just walk to the petronas tower. As our hotel is really close to Medan Tuanku monorail station, we took the monorail and alight at the next stop called Bukit Nanas. The lady in ticket counter suggest us to continue taking LRT from Bukit Nanas to KLCC. But when we arrived at Bukit Nanas, we didn't see any LRT station, instead the Petronas tower looks very close. So we walked along Ampang Street and turn right to KLCC. It was only 10 minutes walking distance.

It was 7.50 am when we finally found the ticket counter (which is located at the basement), there were already so many people..amazing! I wonder what time they arrived that morning.

One adult can purchase up to 5 tickets, so Rene got into the line, while I had breakfast at Mesra Shop, located just opposite the ticket counter. I had Nasi Lemak with fried chicken and a botol of mineral water cost MYR5
At 8.30 am the counter opens, and at 9.10 am no more people were allowed to get into the line. The gate is closed and there's a sign saying "sorry no more ticket available" Wooohooo!! Rene got the ticket only to go up to 41th floor (MYR 10 per person). The second package was no longer available for morning visit.

At 9.50 we entered the exhibition area where we can see movie, pictures, and some "try yorself" kind of tools. The one that I tried was to compare our height with the tower! So funny.

We were directed to a small movie, had to see a 7 minute video, than start the visit up to 41st floor.

The lift was really fast, it went by each floor by second, so it took only 41 seconds to the observation deck!

We were given only 10 minutes to take pictures. Too bad that we weren't able to go up to the top level. The view must be better. Believe it or not, but the view from the observation deck is not so breathtaking as I thought it would be. A little bit dissappointed, but at least we can say, we have been there:p

After the visit, we had lunch and did some window shopping at Suria KLCC, the mall adjacent to the towers. We were looking for Vinnci shop, too bad the outlet is no longer operate in KLCC. We went back to Tune hotel taking LRT to Dangwangi than continue taking monorail from Bukit Nanas to Medan Tuanku. We found out that the LRT and Monorail stations were separated by10 minutes walking. That's why we couldn't find it in the morning when we wanted to go to the twin towers.

written on April 19, 2011


  1. luar biasa...josss joosssss tenan.....enjoyed reading your blog...full of exciting experience...

    1. Thanks Ibu Kur for visiting tesyasblog :)