Food at Suria KLCC

A must visit mall while you are in KL, probably the Suria KLCC, a mall adjacent to the Petronas twin towers. Of course you can visit it while visiting the tower like we did. So after we went up to the tower, we did some window shopping at the mall which was full of Formula1 euphoria.

The architecture of this mall is sophisticated being a part of the twin towers, Rene has it captured.

We went to the resto raws, and found this Indonesian resto (originated from Bandung) called Bumbu Desa. We didn't went inside (of course we didn't!) so we couldn't compare the price with the one in Bandung or Jakarta.

We decided to eat Chili's burger, yes there is also Chili in Jakarta, but we just want to sit in a nice resto and enjoy the view. From Chili we can look at their huge windows to the fountain at the other side of the tower.

We got in at 11.30 am, and approaching lunch time the resto becoming full.

We ordered Ice Lemon Tea free flow (7,25 MYR) and also a new menu called "Burger Bites" (22,95 MYR). We didn't expect it to be a really big bites:p The price is about the same compared to the price in Jakarta

We also ordered their Oldtimer burger (17,95 MYR), also a huge burger. We should not order this burger, as the burger bites were huge. Ended up we took away the Oldtimer burger:p

To visit the mall, just take LRT to KLCC, than just go up to the mall. This mall has Marks and Spencer, Isetan, Body Shop, Cold Storage, and all of those branded items, even Miu Miu is also available here.

written on May 11, 2011

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