Phuket Airport Bus

We had no idea how to get around Phuket, so we checked on the tripadvisor forum for the recommended driver in Phuket. Then we found a driver named Daj who is recommended by many travelers. We send him email to and he replied our email promptly saying that he is available on the dates we requested. As we have only one day in Phuket, we really wanted to do the islands hopping activity, and we realize that Phi Phi island is too far away. We googling whether it is doable to have a half day tour to Pha Nga bay. And yes it was, as long as we hire a longtail boat for our own. We asked Daj to manage a tour for us, and we got a great deal from him.

Unfortunately on the day we arrived at Phuket Airport, we went directly to the exit and search for a guy holding a sign with my name on it, but we couldn’t find Daj! Oh nooo… A day before we sent him email saying that we were in Bangkok already and confirmed him our arrival time and so on. Daj didn’t reply our last email, we thought maybe he was busy with other client. We waited outside the exit, people keep coming to us offering to take us somewhere with their car. We said no, we have our guy already. Rene went inside again to look for Daj once more, but still we failed to see him. We were so sad knowing that if we couldn’t find him, our plan to visit Pha Nga Bay has to be cancelled. Our mistake was that we didn’t have his phone number on our tab. It was because we had contact with Daj using email from my tab as well as from my office email. And the email with his phone number maybe somewhere in my office email.

When we arrived in Jakarta, we check our private email, still we got no email from him. But than the next Monday at the office, I got an email from Daj to my office email! Oh no..that's why we didn't receive any of his email to our tab. He told us his phone number to call etc, he told us that he waited at the airport but couldn’t find us… He is still a very nice guy and we hope someday to use his service. So if you are looking for recommended driver in Phuket, please send him an email.

Let’s continue our story on our first time ever arriving at Phuket Airport…. After a 20 minutes of waiting, we walked to the left side of the airport where we found a big sign of Phuket Airport Bus. We found this orange bus, we were not sure whether it is broken or not, we looked inside, no one was there. But the good news is, the aircon works! Hahah..So we got in, and people start to coming to the bus. After another 20 minutes waiting, the bust left the airport. We paid 85 baht on the bus, I guess it was the cheapest way to go to Phuket town. Taking taxi will cost approx 500-600 baht one from the airport to Patong beach.

The journey was quiet long, it took us 1 hour before we finally reach the Phuket Bus terminal. We decided that we are going to rent a motorbike, and just explore the city. We asked the co-driver how and where to rent a motorcycle, he couldn’t communicate in English, but from his gestures he asked us to stay on the bus. When we arrived at the bus terminal, the co driver told us where to rent a motorbike, so we walked to the place and asked the lady to rent a Honda matic. And I said, it must be Honda and not other brand. Oh yeaaahhh.. We got a Honda click, and it cost 250 baht for 24 hours, excluding gasoline. The lady kept Rene’s passport, and explained Rene how to go to Patong beach, as we told her that our hotel is in Ibis Patong. By the way Rene doesn’t have an international license, and still we can borrow a motorbike.

The Phuket bus terminal is close to Phuket Old Town, so it will be better if we stay in hotel around Phuket Old Town, take a motorbike from Phuket Bus Terminal, so when we return our motorbike, we can continue taking Phuket Airport Bus to the airport.

Our bus to Phuket Airport is better than our first bus. It parked on the same place where we arrived a day before, but this time it was quiet full. Local people use this bus also as they can stop on the way to the airport. This bus will pass the Central Festivals Mall, Lotus Supermarket, the factory outlet and so on. Yes we regret not able to visit Pha Nga Bay on our first visit to Phuket, but we also enjoy ourselves enjoying the city with motorbike.

written on June 21, 2011
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Yana Restaurant MBK

As I didn’t have time to shop at the chatuchak weekend market (a reason to have another visit to Bkk:p), we went to MBK directly after we visited the Grand Palace. MBK stands for Mah Boon Krong, for sure it is one of the most visited mall in Bangkok. We took the orange boat from Tha Tien Pier to Sathorn Pier, than continue taking BTS to the National Stadium. When we arrived at National Stadium BTS, it is directly connected with MBK. Wow very easy to have our Jalan Hemat Bangkok.

At the National Stadium BTS we saw an advertisement of KFC’s egg tart, so we took a picture of it just to remind ourselves how delicious it was:p 

From what I have read, to do the shopping for Thai souvenirs, we shall directly go to the 6th floor. But as we were so hungry, first we search for halal resto called Yana Restaurant MBK, located on the 5th floor. We thought it was on the same floor as international food court on the 6th floor. But we found out that it was on the 5th floor, just across the Food Avenue on the 5th floor.

We ordered their vegetable spring rolls as appetizer which cost 79 baht. It taste really nice and also crunchy.

For the main menu, we ordered Shrimp Tom Yum with steamed rice, which cost 199 baht (tom yum) and 15 baht for a bowl of rice per person. The Tom Yum taste different, not as delicious as we thought it would be.
After having dinner at Yana Restaurant MBK, we continued shopping to the 6th floor. Bought some souvenirs and also dried mangoes. You can find anything in MBK, too bad I didn’t take pictures inside the mall (we were too busy shopping:p). MBK is really similar to Mangga Dua in Jakarta, the shops, how we have to bargain hard, even the stuffs sold in MBK are similar to Mangga Dua. Hopefully someday the number of tourist visiting Mangga Dua will be doubled than tourist visiting MBK :)
written on June 2, 2011
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