Big Budha

Our first stop with the rented motorcycle is the Central Festival shopping mall which is only 10 minutes away from the Phuket Bus Terminal. It is a huge shopping mall, with a huge parking space for motorcycle :) We didn't explore the entire mall though, we only had a quick lunch, than continued our journey to Promthep Cape. It was really hot at about 2 pm at Phuket, especially when you are riding a motorcycle! hehehe..
On our way to Promthep Cape, we saw the famous Big Budha, so we went there although from what I read, it is still under construction. We head up there with our Honda click, for sure you must be a good motorcycle rider to reach this place.

Yes it was still under construction, but many other tourist visited the place as well. There were so many donation box, the money collected will be used to continue the construction of the big budha.
We found this huge gamelan under the statue, and some tourist were trying to make a beatiful sound from the bell.

We started to climd the steps, and we reached the the top of the steps, we were right underneath the statue, and yes it was HUGE!

The view from the top is stunning, we could see some beaches from the top. For sure the Big Budha is well worth a visit.

written on July 2, 2011

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