Amed Bali

We bought a tour package from airasiago a year ago, a return ticket Bandung-Denpasar for two person, and a 3 nights stay at Tune Hotel double six Legian cost us only IDR 1,000,000! Air Asia is definitely our fave! We planned to explore Bali by motorcycle, as we were travelling in June, the peak period with traffic jam all over Kuta, Seminyak, Legian, Sanur, Ubud and Nusa Dua. And we wanted to go to places that we haven't visited before. Than rene came with his idea to visit Amed which is located in South East of Bali, a very famous place for divers. I didn't have any idea how the place looks like, but than it turned out to be my Bali's best place!

With our Honda CBR 250, we travel from Legian to Amed. We left Tune Legian at about 5 pm, had breakfast at Karang Asem beach, and had another stops just to take pictures, than we arrived at Amed. It was about 4 hours drive with all those stops. Very tiring, but when we got there, we were so excited! The view is stunning! From the mainroad, we turn right to a narrow road with so many cafes and warung; Cafe Uyah, Warung Pantai, and many more. Than we found a parking place overlooking the beach. We stopped there, and we were lucky to get the best place to take pictures:)

We continued passing the narrow road, actually there is only one narrow road in Amed which connect villages. So our tip is, better to rent motorcycle to travel around Amed. But if you are not sure to take motorcycle from Denpasar, you can take an airport transfer to Amed than rent the motorcycle in Amed. It is so peaceful in Amed. The landscape is a series of headlands overlooking bays, lined with fishing boats.
We were tired and decided to stop at a little cafe on the hill, with a great view called "Warung Kemulan". Rene ordered a cup of coffee, and we shared a sandwich for our brunch. The food is cheap compared to the food in Kuta and Legian area. We had a chichat with the owner, he told us that he was one a fisherman, than he tried to open this warung with his friends. He said that he was surprised many people come to his place saying that they know the place from the internet.

After recharging ourselves, we continued visiting bungalows, just to see how it looks like. Actually we wanted to stay at bayu cottages, but when we asked the hotel thru email, it was full on the date we requested. So we decided to stay next time with our children in Amed. We passed by Bayu Cottages, it is a nice bungalow on the hill, overlooking the beach at a very decent price. Than we found Palm Garden, a very nice bungalows with affordable price (but more expensive than Bayu). We went in and fall in love with it! Unlike Bayu, Palm Garden is a beachfront bungalows, a perfect place for children! But too bad the owner doesn't let children under 12 stay here (:

We also found one resto called "the Sails" a more upscale restaurant in great headland setting. But it was still close when we wanted to have a cup of coffee there.

Amed is famous for the fisherman boat called Jukung. In the morning, the colorful Jukung left Amed, must be great to have pictures of them. Too bad we couldn't stay overnight this time. But still we saw some Jukung who already got back that morning.

We had another stop for our early lunch at Warung Pantai, and ordered a karee soup and a tuna steak. This warung has a direct access to the beach. They recommend us to have snorkeling. My biggest mistake was that I didn't take my swimsuit with me! How I wanted to swim on the quiet beach! We really love it here! Again we witnessed that the food is cheap. The Tuna steak was only IDR 35,000 with its big portion.

We really enjoy our short visit to Amed and we'll come back here Insya Alloh this December with our children.

written on August 10, 2011

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