Arriving at Budapest

18 Sept 2011

Budapest Airport

We arrived at Budapest Airport at around 11.30 am, it took 2 hours from Istanbul to Budapest. The immigration process was quick, and so was the luggage. After collecting our luggage, we took pictures in front of the airport than continue getting into our bus.

During our short time, I managed to take some picture of the airport. It was a quiet and smaller airport compared to Istanbul.

Nine Dragon Resto of Budapest
Our first stop after the airport was the chinese resto:) The resto located just few minutes away from the Hero Square, one of Budapest's icon. It's so unique to see the Chinese letter between those antiques buildings.

I decided not to eat meat or chicken during this trip as I am not sure whether they are halal meat (I am not sure whether the butcher said Bismillah when they killed the animal). So I have requested in advance to the EO Ibu Lenny and also to the Golden Rama Tour to provide fish or just vegetables. And they accommodate my request. I really appreciate it. Thank you Ibu Lenny and Pak Peter :)

We had a really nice lunch especially after a 15 hours journey. The food recharged our energy to start our tour at Budapest.

written on October 17, 2011

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