Budapest Tram

We had a chance to use Budapest public transport when we were given a two hour shopping time at Andrassy Avenue, a famous road for the international designers (Gucci, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, etc). I and some friends were not interested to shop at those kind of shops, and decided to try the tram. We were requested to gather at 4 pm in front of The Opera House. And the tourleader said it many times not to be late, as acually the bus couldn’t park in front of the Opera House.

There are of couse many types of public transport; buses, metro, tram, danube river cruise, the one we tried was the tram. I have noticed the Budapest tram on the very first day I arrived at Budapest. I might say it’s a really European tram, as it can be between cars in the middle of the street:)

The tram is powered by electricity. I took a picture of the wire, somehow it reminds me of the electricity wire I saw in Phuket.

We had to buy the ticket first, we asked to a Hungarian lady, and she told us to the ticket at the train station downstairs.

We bought a return ticket, it was in Budapest money (HUF). We had to exchange our euro first at the money changer. A single ticket cost 320 HUF. We bought a return ticket for 5 person, and the lady gave us a ticket book consist of 10 tickets cost 2,800 HUF.

We got into the train, and we inserted our ticket to the machine. Only five of us inserted the ticket, I wonder how other people pay? Oww maybe they got a tourist pass, or a monthly ticket? On our way back, our team member Andi didn’t insert the ticket to the machine. Nothing happened. No controller showed up. However I read it when I googling that if we're caught without a valid ticket by a controller, we are to pay a fine which is currently 6000 HUF paid on the spot. WOW..

We stopped at the last tram station, took picture in front of the tram. At the end of each tram station, we may see this thing, so unique.

At the last tram station, we saw a mall called “Alle” and went it for a while to have our toilet break. It has Marks & Spencer, Esprit, and other branded items inside, but we didn’t have the time.

We were late going back to Oktogen to catch our bus in front of The Opera House at 4 pm. I have send a blackberry messanger to our tourleader saying that we were coming a little bit late. When we arrived at Oktogen, we run t the Opera House, and we were late 10 minutes. Thanks God the bus was still there and no policeman were around:p We were greeted by clapping hands when we got into the bus. Hehee what an experience, and glad we tried the tram:p

written on October 23, 2011

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