Citadella Restaurant

After a full day of Budapest sightseeing, we wrapped our day with a dinner at Citadella Restaurant, located on a hilly side of Budapest. When we got there, it was windy and also foggy. Actually there are souvenir shops along the way to the resto. But due to the bad wheather, most of them are closed.
So we just take pictures of Budapest and the Danube. Too bad we couldn’t enjoy the blue sky that day.
Than we went inside to a very old building. Frankly speaking, it was somehow very spooky. Especially when you have to go to the toilet by yourself:p

The resto were reserved for us and other group. We enjoyed the traditional music show first, and the dance, prior to our dinner.

Our main course came at last, it was a tenderloin steak, served with potato and tomato. The taste is just so so. Prior to visiting this resto, I checked a review of this resto on Tripadvisor, and most of them said that it was too expensive and the food doesn’t taste good. I didn’t try the steak, so I can’t say anything about the food.

And when we finished our dinner, we were amazed with the view of Budapest at night. The fog and the rain had gone. It was really beautiful.

I might recommend this place to enjoy the Budapest view, but the dinner wasn’t that special.

written on October 31, 2011


  1. wow.. budapest malam hari so stunning.. jadi pengen kesana.. hehe..
    salam kenal mba. =)

    1. Hai Jenita..salam kenal ya:) Iya Budapest bisa jadi destinasi honeymoon kamu nih #eeeaaaa

      Aduh aku ngiler liat posting Turkey mu. Aku baru bisa sampe Istanbul airport nih..huhu..doakan ya bisa segera ke sana. Amiiin :)