Transit at Istanbul Atatuk Airport

We finally arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Airport at 5.45 am. We had to transit for another five hours. I really want to go outside the airport, we had to buy visa on arrival which cost USD25, before heading to the customs. But as the time is very limited, I decided just to stay at the airport. 

First thing we did was the toilet break, it was when I realized that I have left my jacket in the aircraft! Aaarrgh..! So I went to the airport information desk to ask what can I do. The lady said I need to go downstair to the Turkish Airline transfer desk. I went there by myself, and Alhamdulillah the ground staff from Turkish airline went inside the aircraft and found my jacket! Got to be more careful next time:p It's my luck that I still get my jacket.

Then I continued doing the Subh prayer at the Masjid near the transfer desk.

After window shopping for a while, I tried to get the free wifi. Too bad there were no free wifi available, no PC with internet available, no free water available, like in Changi Airport. The airport is not that big, but has a huge duty free area.

They also have Old Bazaar shop selling Turkish Delight and Turkish souvenirs.

It has a foodcourt, and of course the famous Turkish ice cream stall is available at the airport.

We can shop using our euro, but they will give the change in their Turkish money. I just look around, and enjoy myself writing on my tab.

Our trip continued to Budapest, again with Turkish airline. Before boarding, the security at the gate is at the maximum level, they really checked each and every passenger.

written on October 16, 2011 by @tesyasblog

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