Surprising Europe Trip

Alhamdulillah I got the chance to go to east Europe (Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich) from my office, with 26 other person from my company's group. I was told that it was going to be at the end of Sept, but than the travel agent confirm that the tour will be on 15-26 Sept 2011. I have raised the issue that I had the plan to go on holiday with my family to Penang on 10-13 Sept, and that I will need my passport. My chance was to get my visa approved was 50:50 until the travel agent confirm that due to the visa processing time, the tour will be postponed to 17 Sept. Lucky me.

The tours and travel gave my passport two days before my departure date to Penang, and I had to give them back right after I came back from Penang. Ohh so complicated!

Two days before the D day of the tour, all participants got email saying that we shall gather at Soekarno Hatta airport at 5pm, on 17 Sept. At that time, I still confuse whether my visa is approved or not, so I decided not to start packing. On 16 Sept evening, I got a phone call from the tour leader, he confirmed once again what time and where we shall met on the next day. After the phone call, I realized that I need to start packing.

Enjoy the stories and the pictures. By the way I borrowed Rene's SLR for this trip and took 1,250 pictures! But as Rene is not travelling with me this time, I hope my blog readers will not be dissapointed to see the pictures taken by myself:p

17 Sept 2011

Our Turkish airline leaving from Jakarta on 6.30 pm to Singapore. The aircraft is really nice and clean, it has a unique way to inform passenger the safety standard, they use video with Manchester United players in it, just what you might have seen on their tv ad. Wow, a smart way to utilize MU stars as Turkish Airline is sponsoring MU at the moment:)

30 minutes after the departure, we were served by a refreshment of sandwich and a drink. I asked for a mineral water, and they gave me a sparkling water. Ooh I should have asked just "water" instead. For the rest of the flight, I asked to have water, and I got Evian.

We arrived at 9.30 pm Singapore time and had only 20 minutes transit time. I hurry walked to the prayer room and walked back to the gate. Glad that I am now familiar to the Terminal 2 of Changi. Thanks to the experience of 6 hours waiting in Changi for our Hongkong flight back in 2010:p

The journey continued to Istanbul, we left Singapore at 11.00 pm Singapore time. We had a refreshment of Turkey's hazelnut, and when I started to close my eyes, they gave us dinner at 8.30 Istanbul time, but it was 00.30 am Indonesian time! But as they served salmon steak, I ate it anyway. I had to put pepper on the salmon to get my taste.

After the dinner, it was the sleeping time. I took my alergic medicine, and it made me sleep until the stewardess served us breakfast at 4 am Istanbul time. I look at the tv, we have flown for 8.5 hours. Wooo so tiring.

I enjoy flying Turkish Airline. They have an excellent entertainment and also great food. But the stewardesses from Jakarta to Istanbul flight were not friendly at all! I don't know why they can be choosen as Best Europe Airline 2011 with those unfriendly stewardesses! Out of 10, I give the stewardess score maximum only 6.

written on October 16, 2011

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