Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the famous bridge at the Prague river. It's a stone gothic bridge with many statues on it, officially there are 30 statues on the bridge. Build in 1357 (wow!) and finished in the beginning of 15th century.

There is a tower standing at the both sides, we were coming to the bridge on the side of the old town.

It's one of the must visit of place in Prague, so this bridge is always full of people. There are artists, musician, souvenirs vendors, well, it's a very touristy place.

And this is the Prague castle and the opposite bridge as seen from the Charles Bridge.

With this view, I could stay hours at this bridge! Too bad we didn't have much time, as we had to continue exploring Prague's old town. I still wonder how beautiful it will be to see sunset from the Charles Bridge. Really hope to visit this place again someday with rene:)

written on November 29, 2011

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