The Puncak Lombok

It wasn't easy to decide where to stay in Lombok for the first timer like myself. Kuta Lombok famous for its beautiful beach yet isolated, Senggigi's beach is not that beautiful, Gili Trawangan's hotel review is really confusing.

Until I checked the Tripadvisor ('TA') forum for Lombok (oh yes I am a big fan of TA and contribute reviews there as well), and found The Puncak at Lombok. It is the #1 hotel in Senggigi based on the TA review. I read all the review regarding the hotel, all rated excellent! The reviews and the pictures made me fell in love with this place.

I checked through Agoda, the rate after tax is around 1,150,000 but I read a tip from TA reviewer to book the hotel directly to the owner. So I sent email to and got a prompt reply. The rate offered by the owner Jean Paul and Nury was € 120 euro or IDR 1,200,000. After some e-mails they gave me great price, and I had to pay a 50% deposit, and paid via Paypal.

It was approx 1-1,5 hour drive to reach The Puncak Lombok from BIL (Lombok newly opened airport by Oct'11). When we see a gate to Senggigi and Jayakarta Hotel on our left, we have to turn right to Jalan Bukit Layar first. Here's the picture of the street going to The Puncak. Than just go all the way up, it's the highest villa there, no wonder it has the best view.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted directly by Jean Paul and Nury. A very touchy welcome. We also got a glass of orange juice and watermelon. I knew from my first step to the Puncak Lombok that I would love the hotel so much.

There are only five rooms with two pools. We had a room called "Big Blue Room". Every room has this huge stone on the wall, and I regret that I didn't write down what the stone in our room called and also what are the benefits of having the stone. For sure it can give us positive aura and good health. The bathroom located at the back of our bed. Really smart so that guest can still open the curtain while someone is using the bathroom.

All rooms are ocean view room, really enjoyed laying on the bed with this breathtaking view especially at sunset.

At the blue hour time, rene has captured beutiful view as well.

Here is the breakfast, we may choose the Indonesian or American breakfast, and they deliver the breakfast to our room. Two thumbs up for the variety of food:) It was really nice to sit infront of hour room while enjoying the breakfast. The air was so fresh, really relaxing.

This hotel is just perfect! I have never had the feeling of leaving home when I leave any hotels that I have stayed so far. But when I left The Puncak Lombok, I had a feeling of leaving a family. We left at 3.30 am for our early flight, and Jean Paul woke up so early just to say goodbye to us.

Thanks so much Jean Paul, Nury and all the staffs. Again I learned and witnessed how people work with passion will give a lasting memory in the heart of their customers. I hope to come back soon to my home in Lombok: The Puncak.

written on Nov 1, 2011


  1. Dear Tesya and Rene,

    It is always giving a warm and good feeling when we receive a feedback like your experience in The Puncak - Thank you for your kindness and appreciation - you are very right - thinks done with passion are mostly making that little difference to discerning guests -
    It was a pleasure having you with us - thank you for the beautiful pictures -

    Jean-Paul and Nury

  2. Hi Jean Paul and Nury, we were so lucky to get the opportunity to stay at your lovely hotel. Wishing you all the best with The Puncak :)

  3. Orang belgia kan ya nih yg punya, aku lebih kenal sama ex wife nya sih daripada sama Nury.
    bagus beneran ya kak tempatnya?

    1. Iya Kak Feb betul, pengin balik lagi ke The Puncak tapi skrg mahal bangett...

    2. oh iya ya aku jadi ngelirik rate nya, masa ga beda jauh sama Qunci :)

    3. Hahahha..iya makanya...