Schoenbrunn Palace

On our first morning in Vienna, we didn't have breakfast at the hotel, we went early in the morning to have a breakfast at the Schoenbrunn Palace, which is a former summer residence, and now is the major tourist attraction in Vienna.

The breakfast located at a small cafe located beside the palace. We had bread with jam and butter, a warm and very delicious bread! For the beverage we may choose a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate. I had a cup of hot chocolate which was very delicious and came perfect with the wheather of 10 celcius degrees that morning.

After the breakfast, we took pictures in front of the palace, and went inside the palace. The normal ticket price is 10,5 euro for adult. Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures inside. We had a local guide explaining the major rooms this palace has. I was not impressed with the front look of this place, I have been to Versailles Palace before, and I thought that Versailles is more impressive.

But when we went to the backyard, WOW, it has a beautiful garden, a very photogenic one! Too bad we only had few minutes to take picture here, so I didn't go up the hill. For sure, this place is a must visit place in Vienna.

written on November 11, 2011


  1. I always love Vienna. Di atas bukit itu pemandangannya lebih indah, bisa melihat istana Schoenbrunn dengan latar belakang kota vienna, selain itu ada danau kecil dengan bebek2 yang berenang ke sana sini. Di area Schoenbrunn juga ada kebun binatangnya, yang katanya merupakan Zoo tertua di Eropa. Menyenangkan berjalan menyusuri area Schoenbrunn di antara pepohonan yang rindang dan banyaaak sekali. :-)

    1. Wah next time aku harus liat Vienna dari atas bukit :)