Vienna Sightseeing

After a visit at Schoenbrunn which is a former summer residence, we continued visiting a former winter residence or called Hofburg Palace. We didn't get in, we just take picture from the outside.

And of course we visited the Johan Strauss statue, too bad the original place is under rennovation.

After lunch, we continued our sigtseeing to Kärntner Straße, a famous place for shopping. We alight from our bus at the opposite of Opera House, and were given free time.

The street has so many branded shops, cafes and souvenir shops. We can find Mozart Chocolate in every souvenir shop, with -I might say- a very unreasonable price. This street is a very touristy area.

It was hard to find toilet in this area, so i went to McD for our toilet break. We had to pay 0,5 euro, but the toilet ticket can be used as discount for our purchase at McD. I had a strawberry smoothies, and found it has an online order system:p

We may find many stalls selling this huge sausage and beers.. We were told by our local guide that Vienna's people eat sausage and drink beers for their lunch.

written on November 13, 2011

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