Vienna's Ferris Wheel

After the have fun go mad shopping at Pandorf, we continue another 1 hour drive to Vienna, and went directly to a Chinese resto. It was an upscale chinese resto I might say. The exterior looks like a japanese park, though inside it was realy chinese. Another good chinese food were served. But one of the resto staff was really rude. We could see from her gesture that she wanted us to leave as soon as possible! Guess the resto was fully booked that night.

Arriving at the Sofitel Hotel at about 7.30 am, we went straight to the room, and as I have read it on the TA review, the room was very special. I would make a review later on regarding the room in this blog, how the room has an open bathroom, has a coffe maker inside!, free mini bar..for sure it was the best hotel during our trip.

Then a small group gathered at the lobby, we would like to try the tram just like in budapest, and tried the ferris wheel that we saw on our way to the hotel. Andy, our map reader asked the hotel concierge on how to go to the Ferris Wheel, and he was told to just walk straight. It was windy and really cold that night. We walked about 20 minutes to an interchange station called Praterstern.

We crossed the road and voila, we saw the Ferris Wheel. It is located in the Prater amusement park, which also has a roller coaster, and a Madame Tussaud.

The ferris wheel called Wiener Riesenrad, and the ticket for one ride is 8.5 euro! So expensive! But we still wanted it a try.

We went inside, first there was a little museum regarding the wheel. So we just knew from the museum that the wheel was really old fashioned, unlike the London Eye or the Singapore Flyer. Oh noo, but we have purchased the ticket already:p We walked to the next room which was a photo studio room, and we were surprised to see becak from Yogyakarta at the corner of the room. Heheee a becak in Vienna!

We got into the Wiener Riesenrad, wow so old:p I guess the expensive ticket is for the maintenance hehee However we could see the beautiful city at night from the wooden capsule. And inside there is the picture on the wooden wall with the name of the buildings. There were two other visitors in the capsule, and they were upset when we had to get out from the capsule and one of them yelled to the officer "only one ride? so expensive!" Frankly speaking, it's not worth it to get into the Wiener Riesenrad. It's 100% tourist trap.

When we walked to the exit, there was a souvenir shop with unreasonable tourist price.

We took pictures in the amusement park area. Glad that the Madam Tussaud were closed, otherwise it will be another tourist trap:p

As the night were getting cold, we decided to take the tram going back to the hotel. We were confused to find the machine to buy the ticket. We asked a guy for the direction. So we need to go downstair to take U1 line. Bought the ticket for 1.80 euro, and put the ticket on the macine. By the way I was wondering why the ticket was so expensive? The next day from our local guide, I just knew that the ticket valid for two hours journey! While we were on the train for only two stops away from Praterstern station!

The train is again so old fashioned. It remind me so much to Kereta Api Parahyangan, a train from Bandung to Jakarta which is no longer operated. The door should be open manually. Oeps sorry, we didn't know that we have to open it by ourselves. People who waited outside the train opened the door for us, and from their face I knew they were upset:p

We were confused whether to get out or go back to the previous stop. Andi the explorer told us just to get out from the station, and yess we saw our hotel:p What a night in Vienna.

written on November 5, 2011

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