Day 2 Muenchen

This is the last day of our East Europe Trip, yes we're flying back from Muenchen. Our flight was on the evening, which is good that we had the time to explore Muenchen, since we haven't visited the famous Marienplatz on our first day in Muenchen.

Marienplatz is a square at the center of the city, with an old and a new town hall. A very beautiful building indeed.

We were given free time to shops arpund Marienplatz, there were so many branded store around the area. I went inside "Galeria Kaufhof" it's a seven floors building offering from chocolates, souvenirs, toys, bags, clothes, and much more. You can find almost everything here. Too bad I didn't take any pictures of it, but I did take picture of the shops in the surrounding area.

Than we went to the Hard Rock cafe, on our way we found a street full of souvenirs shop, and also an official fan shop of FC Bayern Muenchen. Well, we didn't have to walk at the Arean just to find a fan shop on the previous day:p

Here's the Hard Rock Cafe.

And the famous beer house called Hofbrauhauss is also near Hard Rock.

We ended up at a square near our bus parking place. Well it was a last minute shopping time, but I found it really enjoyable to shop at Muenchen :)

written on December 27, 2011

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