Salzburg day 2 : Visiting the Mirabel Garden

From the Sheraton Hotel we walked to the Mirabel Garden, the Garden which was being used for the film Sound of Music. The garden is so beautiful with the mountain at the middle. And there is a lavender, my purple flower:)

beautiful garden
hello beautiful purple!

Thereafter we explored the Salzburg old town once again, but this time with the help of a local guide. We had lunch at a Chinese resto at the old town, and than we went to the bus. We passed the bridge once again, and enjoy the beautiful scene of Salzburg at the midday.

view of the beautiful city

That was our two days visit in Salzburg, I hope there will be another chance to visit this beautiful city. I still want to go to the Ikea and also to the branded factory outlet in Salzburg, and of course to visit the Ikea:)

written on Dec 16, 2011

Tag: Liburan ke Salzburg, Jalan-jalan ke Salzburg


  1. Wah dah pernah ke Salzburg kak! Aku pingin juga ke sini kalo ada waktu bulan depan :) Pingin ngunjungi kota "Sounds of Music"

    1. Iya Aggy, kotanya cantik dan romantis, ayo ke sana sebelum balik ke Yogya:)