Novotel Lombok

Novotel Lombok located at Mandalika Beach, has an advantage from the opening of the new Lombok airport: Bandara International Lombok ('BIL') which is only 30 minutes away from Novotel. The previous airport, Sepinggan was close to Senggigi beach, but was 1,5 hour to Novotel Lombok.

I stayed at Jayakarta Lombok on our first night for the business trip, and the second night we tried the Novotel Lombok, as the next day we'll have to take the flight back to Jakarta. It was really a long journey from Mataram to Novotel. We left the city at about 6pm, and arrived at novotel at 7.30 pm. A local driver took us to Novotel, otherwise it is considered not save to go there after the sunset.

We didn't see much that night, all we knew that the hotel is rather isolated. So we just got into our room and promise to wake up early to see the sunrise in the morning. But the hotel staff told us that the sunset couldn't be seen from the hotel. So we just stroll down to the beach that morning. The beach looks very different than when we visited it after 10 am. You'll see in the picture below.

Than we tried their pool. It's not a big pool, and it get hot at 8 am already. So make sure to wake up early to swim in their pool.

The hotel surrounding is really a resort type. But you are far away from everything! So if you wish to stay here, make sure you rent a car or a motorbike, so you can go to the nearest resto. The food is expensive at the hotel. The breakfast is just a standard hotel breakfast, nothing was special.

The room is nice and spacious, no complaint regarding the room. Please note that there is no lift at the hotel, so ask them to have room on the ground floor if you travel with your children or elderly.

We visited the beach again at about 1 pm, and we saw a different beach than we visited in the early morning!

It's the best Novotel I have visited so far, I think the beach that made it really special:)

written on January 8, 2012

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