Sade Village Lombok

I heard about Sade Village from Lombok Travelling book that I have bought, and to my surprise, I passed the Sade Village on my way from Mataram to Novotel Lombok. So, on the day we left Novotel, we walked into this village, just to know what is inside.

We met Pietro at the parking place, a local guy whose job is being a tour guide. When we asked them how much was his fee, he answered that it depends on how much the guest would pay him. So we walked inside the Sade Village with him. He took us to many houses that sell homemade sarong. They are beautiful. I bought two of them, cost each IDR 75,000. I was not sure how much is the normal price, but after seeing the lady made it by hand, I refuse to bargain for lower price:p

Pietro took us to see the inside of the house, I just can’t imagine how to live in these houses..

This place can be reached from Bandara International Lombok about 20 minutes by car. So if you want to see this traditional village, you can spare some time before your flight or even visiting the village right after your arrival. If you ask me, is it worth a visit? I would answer yes.

written on January 18, 2012

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