Talaga Sampireun Bintaro

If you'd like to have great Sundanese food with super atmosphere while you are in Jakarta, than you have to visit Talaga Sampireun. Located in Bintaro, to be precised near the exit of Pondok Aren highway, you'll find this resto on your right side.

We had a reunion with tesyasblog tour to Penang participants in Talaga Sampireun :p We reserved the day before to get an airconditioned saung (bamboo house), which is suitable for 12 person. The reservation for lunch weekend is divided into two batches: 10.30 am to 1 pm or 1 pm to 3 pm. We choose to have lunch at 10.30 am, which was good as the resto was not (yet) crowded. And please be advised that the reservation is required a day before. There is a minimum order if you wish to use the saung, for an air conditioned single saung, the minimum order is IDR 700,000.

The kids love this place as they can play with the fish. Actually there is also a playground there, but we sat on the other side of the playground, so that the kids didn't see it.

We ordered gurame terbang (fried gurame fish), tahu kipas (one of the best!), chicken satay, shrimp, and squid.

The F&B here is quiet expensive. We went there when Permata Bank had a joint promo with Talaga Sampireun, giving a 25% discount with its Credit Card. We had to pay IDR 620,000 for three families, after discount. One person on average will be around IDR 100,000 to IDR 150,000. Well, for this great place, it is worth it. But I think that the playground should be free of charge on weekend as well.

Talaga Sampireun 021-7453999

written on January 2, 2012


  1. Wah tempatnya menarik sekali... kesana ahhhh

  2. mba jadi bagusan mana sama gubug udang??

    1. Hai Vi Ya Ma (hehe lucu namanya..)

      Tempat lebih luxury Telaga Sampireun, tapi harganya mahal, apalagi kalo ikut aturan booking gubug nya. Musti bayar paket yg menurut aku sih mahal. Kalo budget ga ada masalah, lebih baik ke Telaga Sampireun. Tapi kalau mau suasana yg enak dengan makanan terjangkau, ya Gubug Udang pilihannya.

      Frankly speaking, kalau buatku sih, aku lebih milih Gubug Udang.