Marrison Hotel Singapore

A brand new hotel located at the heart of Bugis, to be precised just at the back of the field which used to have the New 7th Storey Hotel, my fave budget hotel in Singapore. Too bad the New 7th storey hotel has been demolished due to the construction of new MRT line.

I have never stayed at Marrison Hotel, but I did a survey on its location for my friend Alisa Haqiqi and I thought maybe it will be useful for my blog readers as well. Marrison Hotel located on the Beach road, but if you are coming from Bugis Village (Bugis MRT Station, exit C), you will have to pass Tan Queen Lan Street, to reach the hotel. It is about 5 minutes walk from Bugis Village.

This is the exit from Bugis Village.

Then you will find this street.

And finally you will find the hotel. The hotel is also attached to a Seven Eleven store.

At night, there will be people sitting outside the hotel around Marrison enjoying steamboat, but I am not sure whether the steamboat is halal. To find halal food, there is a moslem coffee shop near Bugis Village which are Tong Seng Coffee Shop at Liang Seah Street and also Abu Farris just at the other corner of Tong Seng Coffee Shop. I tried a roti pratha at Abu Farris for my breakfast and it was delicious. By the way, there are many cafes at Liang Seah Street, which is just next to Tan Queen Lan Street.

Just beside the hotel there is an Indonesian resto called Pondok Rasa.

There is also a nearby bus stop called North Bridge Commercial Complex bus stop, located close to Abu Farris. Bus 145 and 80 are going directly to Vivocity and it passes City Hall MRT station. So if you need to take red line MRT, you don’t have to go all the way to Bugis MRT station, just take bus 145 or 80 from this bus stop, and alight in front of St.Andrew Cathedral which is close to City Hall MRT entrance. Bus 07 going to Orchard and Botanical Garden also from this bus stop as well.

Location wise, I would recommend this hotel, but if you need further review on the room, you may refer to tripadvisor review.

written on May 1, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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