Qiji Funan IT Mall

For those who are looking for halal food in Singapore, the chain resto of "Qiji" is one of my fave to find cheap and halal food. There are many outlets in Qiji, the one I visited is their branch at Funan IT Mall, near City Hall MRT.

I always order their Popiah, it's like Lumpia Basah in Indonesia, it cost around SGD 2.

My other fave menu is their Mee Rebus for SGD 3.60.

And of course their nasi lemak for SGD 3.60.

Food is around SGD 4.00 and drink is around SGD 2. So in total, it will be around 6 SGD for one person. Of course cheaper than having fast food in Singapore.

written on May 6, 2012

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