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Another weekend getaway in Singapore for me and rene. This time we stayed at three different hostel : Fragrance Emerald, The Matchbox and Tree in Lodge. We will have them reviewed one by one starting by the Matchbox. 

We fell in love with this hotel after seeing the unique pods from their website. We sent them email asking whether they have a private room for us. They replied saying they had a private room called Sunkiss and cost SGD 110 for two person. We got a 10% discount as we stayed there on rene's bday. This hostel was expensive! For one pod in a female dorm cost SGD 52, while one pod in mixed dorm cost SGD 45. There were also double pods in the mixed dorm cost SGD 88 for two person. 

Our room "Sunkiss" was very unique, it consist of one bunk bed in the form of what so called "pod" with a very limited space left in the room. There was no TV on the room, but it had a bookshelf where we can read travel books. Regarding the bunk bed, it was really difficult to climb up to the second floor. So I leave it for rene:p  The shared bathroom located on the first floor, very colorful and clean. They provide shower gel and shampoo in the bathroom, with a very good smell.

We had a very good sleep in our pod...

To watch tv, dvd, or just to relax, guests can enjoy the common area on the rooftop. And for me, this was the best thing from the Matchbox. From the window, we could see the view of Aan Siang Road. At night, we heard noise from the bar opposite this hotel, however the noise was still acceptable. We didn't hear any noise from our room though.

Other common area were the kitchen and also the massage room. The kitchen was tiny, bread, coffee and tea were provided free for the guests.

To reach the hotel, we took bus 145 from St.Andrew Cathedral bus stop (just outside MRT City Hall). Then we alight at the Maxwell Road, just opposite the temple as seen below. We continued walking to the hotel, passing all the beautiful shophouses! I knew from the moment I alight the bus that I would love this area.  

At night we could just walk to Chinatown from the Matchbox hostel area to enjoy the evening market.

There were also many cafes around the Matchbox, one of the is the Emporium.

Overall I must say the hostel facilities and the location worth every dollar we paid.

written on July 12, 2012 by @tesyasblog

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  1. Thank you for choosing Matchbox The Concept Hostel. We are glad you enjoyed your time with us and we hope you had a great time in Singapore. We hope to see you again soon! =)

    Matchbox The Concept Hostel

    1. Thank you for all of the staff of Matchbox, keep up the good work:)