Roti Pratha at CMK Resto

I am a roti pratha big fan, and visiting Singapore means eating Pratha every single day! Hehee.. One of my fave place is at the CMK Resto, a moslem resto at the intersection of Mustafa Center Little India. If you walk from Mustafa heading to Jalan Besar, you will find CMK on your right side.

Pratha is usually served for breakfast, so if you book a room without breakfast, come to CMK to try Pratha. I always order the Pratha with Ice Teh Tarik, cost me not more than 3 SGD. 

Rene ordered Chicken Briyani, I don't like briyani, but Rene said it was delicious.

It's recommended to come early if you would like to shop at Mustafa Center, so combine your plan to shop at Mustafa with having breakfast at CMK. 

written on July 29, 2012 

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